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I agree. The sad fact is 99%+ of projects in this space fail. We’ve seen a fair few of those here, big promises turning out to be wasted air for all the usual startup reasons - lack of money, overambitious goals, unrealistic deadlines, lack of research and the rest. People get burned and trust is lost. Best of luck to you @Micholas and well done on reaching out, but I think the time for collaborations is when there’s something tangible to put on the table.


This month development changed a lot. There is no need to do risky deals like this. MaidSafe coin is pumping again and there is a serious reason for that. Blockchain is obsolete now. Exchanges will have to list MAID/ Safe coin sooner or later. Those who were holding and did not lose hope will be rewarded.


No, they dont have to list Maidsafecoin, these exchanges will run sooner or later on the safenetwork :joy:


I can imagine how someone following the project the last many years, or anyone following from a serious investor’s perspective might have had their doubts and worries about getting on more exchanges and swapping tokens and top tens and etc… But having only started following the project seriously late last year, from a non-developer’s quite fresh view of the project, I would like to say that it seems to me like development has continued as normal :smile: tomorrow we’re going to hear big news, possibly of the consensus flavour, and does anyone feel shocked at the team’s current excitement and panache? I don’t, anyway. They’ve a history of hammering out results.

As much as I sympathise with the price perspective (bills must be paid and kids must be fed), and as much as I encourage the community to continue speaking honestly and criticising openly to keep everyone on their toes, it’s probably a good moment to reflect on the fact that price is ultimately derived from value and not vice versa. And maidsafe’s commitment to real value has, as far as I can see, never waivered.


Remember the NVO fiasco and stand still. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…


Ha. No Big Fat GainZ (!!1!), no food.

They’re already getting used to the no food-situation in house dewild.

I told them maybe friday…depending on the dev-update tomorrow. :thinking:


I think, after PARSAC has been tested by the community, we are going to see one, but i’m just throwing spaghetti.


why dont we make a community fund to help pay for some exchange listings?

I get the view that the tech will sell itself and we should not have to pay for listings… But who knows how long it will take before we will get that kind of recognition. We have a huge obstacle to tackle in how maidsafe is seen by the general crypto public, most of those who know about maidsafe and didn’t follow the dev updates deeply believes this project is a lost cause. We should let them know otherwise and exchange listings are an important part of that process. The exchanges we are on now are just not sufficient for a large audience. I don’t think maidsafe should spend there funding capital on exchange listings they already ramped up their marketing efforts. We as a community could pinch in a little more now that we have so much more confirmation with PARSEC that the project will succeed. I get that a lot of people won’t be eager to donate but maybe some are so thought I bring it up (again)


August 1-2, 2018. Coming soon to a developers conference near you…


I understand this could bring more awareness to maid I just thought we could combine it will all other things that is going on. I dont see major exchanges listing maidsafe coin after that summit I could be wrong but I feel its going to be a very slow process to convince the crypto community that the safenetwork will actually work. I think if it will speed up the recognition process with more exchange listings its worth it, but its just my maybe shortsighted opinion and I get not everyone is willing to donate some money to this cause. If nobody wants it than I wont bring it up again :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce a new feature that we recently released. A widget that can be integrated in a coin’s website, giving users the ability to buy their desired coin not only from CryptoWolf ( ) , but also from coin’s website directly. Below you will find attached the links from our Partners that are already using the widget.

Best Regards,

CryptoWolf Team


Could not post more than 2 link in the same post.


It’s very good idea, hope team could manage this thing in new website


Cool so a competitor to shapeshift? Hope you do well. Perhaps I’ll check it out. I’m sure people will have to give it more than just a once over to feel comfortable integrating the service into their sites but this is how these things start. Would be great to see on the Maidsafe site if this works as advertised.


Hey CryptoWolf Team,

Can you confirm the company name behind the exchange and the individuals involved in that company pls?

Are you still looking to charge listing fees?

Many thanks!


Looks like they have a page to get a quote from. Only 911 total transactions across their exchange in the last 24 hours. I do like the homepage though snazzy hover over the wolf :smiley: .


Of course. Feel free to contact us @ to further discuss everything.
Already tried to reach out to Sarah regarding all the info you request above.


The Lykke exchange could have potential as a place to list MaidSafeCoin on. Started by the same people behind popular OANDA forex exchange and Dr. Richard Olsen, so they are a pretty legitimate operation. It has an unique “flat” management structure to promote innovation, the platform is completely open source and you maintain control of your private keys on a mobile wallet (iOS has a cold storage option), they allow sending/receiving some fiat via SWIFT transfers.

Zero trading fees.

They have posted a $3K coding bounty for Omni blockchain integration. Once that bounty is filled it would be pretty straight forward to add MaidSafeCoin to their growing list of coins and reading their subreddit they appear to be very keen to add quality projects to the list of offerings.

On the down side like most exchanges now they do KYC, at around $2M/day they are still fairly small volume wise and do not accept US residents or a few other jurisdictions as yet, but are making it a priority - citing regulatory hurdles for the delay.

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