MAID Community Exchange Listing Plan



Yep or in trezor, much easier than cold storage paper wallets


Has anyone reached out to cryptomate, bitylicious and bitbargain? Good UK exposure from those


There is BTCRelay, but I’m not sure that it is always kept up to date.


This means transition from OMNI to ERC20 can be created as smart conract and there is no need for human interference. Cool. I expect Tether to create such solution and than it can be copied.


Yes, it’d be possible. There’s a status page here:
BTC Relay # 501329 # 512576

Costs too much gas to submit BTC headers if nobody is paying fees to verify BTC transactions


Decentralize everything.


New potential exchange for MAID

@maidsafe should we reach back out?


That depends Will. What exchange does he represent? If it looks decent (reasonable volumes, strong marketing, well regarded on social networks) then please direct him to: Many thanks.


Thanks I’ll message him back and ask

EDIT: Did, waiting for response


Wondering if it’s this person -


with project this solid i think any major exchange will list MAID

these would be first i’d apply to


This was discussed in a previous Dev Update and one exchanged wanted $200.000 which is 3 or so months of Development time, so they decided against it.
They have some other newer exchanges lining up where the listing fee is much less with more bang for the buck.



He confirmed that he’s from that exchange.

What are your opinions on it, everyone? It seems to be in ICO stage, can’t find out if it’s able to be used for trading yet


Any specified requirements for listing?


Not sure yet, want to see what people (& MaidSafe)'s opinions are on exchange and if people support it, I’ll ask for the requirements from them


So strange how many people working already in pre ICO stage.


The exchange goes into Beta in Q3 2018 and full release in Q4. Personally I would only advocate working with exchanges with some trading history. Also from a business perspective it is preferable to be stepping into exchanges with decent levels of existing volume.


Please help vote for MaidSafeCoin on CoinFalcon!


Hello everyone! Micholas here from the Bithemoth Exchange. Our exchange is developing an all-encompassing blockchain trading platform. Leading up to our pre-sale, which we expect to begin next month, we have been reaching out to well-established projects as a means to partner with them. The partnership we are proposing is for the most part media-based.

We would like to host the MaidSafeCoin on our exchange when it’s completed. There is no initiation cost. In exchange, we’d like to develop a media relationship. By that, we mean promoting each other’s projects via social media. This includes announcements, news, platform updates, etc. We would also like to have our logo, linked to our page, placed on the website.

You are all probably wondering why would any project want to partner with our team, our exchange…
There is actually quite a bit setting us apart from the already existing exchanges.

  • We plan to streamline signup process. Too many exchanges have created so many hoops for users to jump through in order to use their exchange
  • Our UI will be very clean. This is one of the main focuses of our platform. Existing exchanges can be very confusing for users new to the crypto space.
  • The in-house portfolio management allows users to easily assess their investments with features such as average buy cost, current value, cumulative portfolio performance, and more.
  • It’s well known that the support systems that exchanges have setup are highly inefficient and frustrating for users. We will have dedicated systems in place to ensure users have no issues when utilizing our platform. Along with that, we’ll have multilingual support.
  • All the features we support on our platform will have a video explanation ensuring smooth trading
  • We will introduce fiat to crypto transactions and vice-versa
  • Mobile App
  • A marketplace where users can use crypto/fiat to buy products and services
  • An integrated specialized hardware wallet for users to store all their assets
  • Bithemoth payment cards – this is expected to be integrated within the first 2-3 years of operation
  • Brick and mortar locations that allow people to come in, speak with our team, learn more about the crypto space, learn how to get started with our exchange. Pretty much an educational service

Those are the main features, there are small things that I always forget about! But it’s all in our whitepaper.

We’ve recently partnered with ReddCoin, and plan to develop relationships with other promising projects as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my reply, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!


I personally don’t think Maidsafe/Safe should involve itself with promoting other projects, especially those outside of its core purpose.