MAID Community Exchange Listing Plan



Well done will this is a good news we need to have more trading places … Dev are working on…


Over the past couple of days we have been finding out more about the CryptoWolf exchange. As the platform is extremely new (2 weeks old) and the people running the exchange are not known to us, do not list a business address or registered company name (as required by EU law) and have not been forthcoming with information about their names/backgrounds despite requests by us and others, we have decided not to pursue a listing at this time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and should the CryptoWolf team build a solid reputation we will revisit in the near future. Thanks to @whiteoutmashups for making the introductions, your hardwork is appreciated!


2 weeks old it’s to young and dangerous. The Dev decision is normal . Thanks to @whiteoutmashups to help the community.
We need strong and durable exchange for maidsafe.
I asked why livecoin will be delisted but nobody answered. Nobody know ?


I did ask and this is what I got back ‘We’re going to delist MAID because of incorrect work of node and unprofitable carrying out of transactions.’ I asked for clarification but didn’t receive any further information I’m afraid.


If that is true, then all Omni based coins should be delisted.
But. Before asking if true. What is the meaning of that sentence?


Yes not sure what is meant by the statement, as I mentioned above I asked for clarity and did not receive it. I have heard no other concerns by any other exchange regards Omni nodes not working correctly. It could be that they have not implemented the protocol correctly and combined with low volumes has meant that trading MAID is not worth there time.


Many thanks for your fast answer and explication. Low volume did not affect maidesafecoin anyway.
Lucky :star_struck: because the community grow day by day and we have great dev’s…:woman_technologist::man_technologist:


Again with my suggestion of immediately switching to Erc20 platform none of this would have happened and we will not only get re-listed but would be able to get listed on all the exchanges much more easily


We need ERC20. We do not need to switch all coins, dual system with both token types would help us to stay on exchanges. Cryptopia asks 29 MAID withdrawal fee. That is too much for all small investors.


Just becoming an erc20 doesn’t guarantee to solve all problems… Ethereum is hitting scalability issues already at times as I heared… So maybe switching now would be jumping on a dying horse and wasting a lot of time, energy and money in the process…

This sounds more like panicking because of the fear of loosing money and not like acting out of considering different options and choosing the best one …


Yes it does. Ethereum have billions of dollars in funding to work and solve their scalability issues and whole ethereum community actually comes in agreement on how scalability problems will be solved going forward, and unlike the bitcoin community. Please educate yourself before talking please.

On another note, my first suggestion months and months ago was switch to a more scalable token platform! I suggested Waves as well. But ERC20 is looking just as good now if not better, since ethereum has better reputation and listing Erc20s is done so frequently exchanges can do it easily. Where as using waves token exchanges may have to study waves infrustruture to use it.

P.S. Just the fact maidsafe is switching to ERC20 will probably get the price back to $1 in the current market sentiment if not more. And it’ll be SOOOO much easier for beginners to move and store their tokens instead of using the shit-as omni wallet


Not really sure if applicable to this conversation or not but what the hell.

I mentioned some time ago that I’d like to see a kind of local btc version for MS coin… Or something like a trade part to this forum where members can trade fiat, btc, alts with MAID. There’s clearly a market for it just look at all the people that have come here over the years asking how to go about buying it.

Its done in other places really well and yes of course there are risks but these could be mitigated by simple reviews and limits e.g. limits on first time buying and selling until reputation is reached and like with local btc you let the sellers add their own verification requests e.g. some of them ask to have copies of your ID etc.

The other benefit is we could add a tiny donation request address to donate to this forum and or the maidsafe team itself.

Can be done and that’s even without fancy technology, just good old fashioned trading.


There’s hardly any time, money and energy wasted. You can code the contract in a day. Vses the years the team has spent developing the network, a day of coding that helps a ton in marketing is peanuts. I don’t know why a single person would object to changing to Erc20 immediately.


What prevents Maidsafe to create erc20 token and let one employee manually destroy received omni maid and send erc20 maid to the sender? This can be done manually once in few days and would allow exchanges to list MAID easily. I would love to store my Maid in ledger too:)


Is it possible to automatically credit ERC20 token based on omni transaction? As far as I know, conversion between omni and erc20 has to be manual.

Edit: tether plans to create automatic exchange from omni to erc20 and vice versa on their page


A Erc20 token switch plus rebranding to Safenetwork from maidsafecoin and the whole marketing effort and price of safecoins will be off to a fantastic start!


Well, You can code a smart contract to monitor the omni blockchain, generate a burn address, once any money gets sent to that address the token can be generated. Then the smart contract can send the tokens to the ethereum address in which the public btc address where that maidsafecoin came from, signs a message with its private key for the ethereum address it wants the tokens to be in and tell it to the smart contract. I’m not a coder but technically there should be an automated way for it to pan out.


If $100B ETH can’t even get that then good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


I never wrote any smart contract. But how would such smart contract on Ethereum monitor BTC blockchain? I thought smartcontracts on Ethereum work only with ethereum blockchain. I can imagine, some custom script monitoring OMNI transactioms and than this script would do some transaction on ethereum blockchain. There is not need for smart contract, simply just a script on server with access to erc20 issuing wallet.


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