MAID Community Exchange Listing Plan



On top of that may I say there isn’t even a good wallet for omni. So hard for people who have no idea about crypto to register a wallet. Ethereum have much more user friendly wallets that transact 10000 times faster with 10000 less fees. The exchange with the biggest volume(hitbtc) is charging 200 maid as fees but @traktion and the community sees no changes necessary, AS USUAL EVERY TIME


No changes necessary? Maidsafe have said they are looking at this and I doubt many think it is a bad idea to have more exchanges either.


Well then your response, instead of it being “tbh I don’t think they persued other exchanges to list” it should be: “yes the token is on a damn tedious platform let’s switch it to ethereum tokens, at the same time, the team needs to actively persue exchange listings just as much”

To be honest a token platform change and rebrand will definitely drive up the prices because of speculation and attract more attention to Safenetwork. People are actually seeing the team doing something.


Actually, I don’t understand, why there is not a dual system. Exchange listing and holding in trezor/ledger would be much easier. Issuing Erc20 token is easy. Omni protocol supports destroing of tokens. So the only problem is, there has to be manual exchanging of tokens managed by MaidSafe. Tether solved it by their own exchange, where peole can exchange omni to erc20 or vice versa. This exchangeing manual process is complicated. I don’t see easy automatic solution there. I still think even manual solution is worth that.


Why would i want to misrepresent what I think is the honest truth in this way? As far as I have observed, maidsafe just didn’t see having more exchanges as a priority, but now they do. No need to shoot the messenger.


Well what do you think it’s the honest truth? That changing the token platform won’t help Safenetwork as much? Anyway I’m going to stay out of it now. Have given up long time ago.


I have already given my opinion on this elsewhere on this forum, but it wasn’t my position i was defending - it was the assertion that maidsafe had failed to get maidsafecoin on more exchanges.


I don’t know why you’d ‘give up’ when there has been active discussion about these very topics on the forum recently, with many people agreeing with your point of view (that more exchanges are needed - see this topic, and that a move to ERC20 or similar would be beneficial).

If you expect people to just drop everything and do what you think is best, you may be disappointed. If you want to put your thoughts forward to continue contributing to the discussion, then it’ll be appreciated - the discussion is richer with more people contributing, so don’t be disheartened if some people don’t agree with you - it’s natural.


So it looks like 3 people retweeted me,

And maybe a few sent emails

We really need more than this if MAID is going to gain any ground.

Anyone who complained about MAID over the last year really needs to actually sent the tweet and email, or you aren’t allowed to complain about going off top 100 at all this year at all :anger:


Retweeted - I think! Not used to this lark (excuse the pun)!


Please have a look at just how much I tried to put my thoughts forward and contribute. People don’t seem to even try to think maybe some points I suggest are valid.


Quite near the beginning of that thread I suggested why I don’t think the current model is unsustainable, but also considered how the network could be adjusted to fix the perceived problem if it became necessary. So I took what you said seriously, as did many others.

A lot of good discussion came from your post, and the back & forth sharpens people’s thinking, so your thoughts really did add a lot of value even if people generally felt the scenario is highly unlikely.

So you provoked useful discussion, and a lot of people engaged. Just because they didn’t share your conviction that the network must be changed as you thought it should doesn’t make the discussion worthless, and who knows - maybe that discussion will become poignant based on real world testing with test-safecoin if it shows that the lack of a separate pricing for bandwidth & storage might cause problems.

If you (and others) stop contributing because people don’t always agree with you, the community will suffer for it.

For reference, I’m contributing to a thread about the economics of Safecoin (Proposal to scrap expanding to 4.3bn Safecoins and just 10x everyone’s holdings instead (i.e. moving the decimal point)) with nobody entertaining or supporting my point of view, but I’m carrying on because the discussion may be productive, and I think something is missing in the community’s understanding of the economics of the network. Some of the thoughts on there relate to the discussion you provoked in your thread as well.


As a fan of NANO they always vote for every free listening on exchange.

As we already have office in India we could support MAID to add on India exchange.

  • Top 5 will be added there.

  • Starting from today.

  • Email confirmation needed - you can try

  • Deadline: 2018-02-12 11:59 AM GMT

Mine is first vote :slight_smile:


Binance Community Coin of the Month, Round 6 just started. 10 minutes ago.

(If mods think this could be moved to a new thread to get more exposure.)

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic

If you are not a core team member of the coin, please kindly ask a member of the project core team to make the request.

Looks like @MaidSafe need to make the application.


I see little action. People just want to see it rise without doing anything


Adding it to Binance Community Coin of the Month is free. Not saying it will work. Little chance is better than no action.


OK can you please do that?

Someone representing reached out to me on telegram, hungry new exchange that heard my tweet and wants to add MAID :+1:


Needs a core dev do it.


I just received instructions from the @CryptoWolf team and PM’d MaidSafe team members @nicklambert @SarahPentland @dugcampbell so hopefully we can get on within a week or so! They said 3 days to list. They already handle Omni coins, and the listing fee is very very agreeable

Thank you for reaching out to me, @CryptoWolf ! Looking forward to mutual benefit here :+1: