MAID Community Exchange Listing Plan

Your logic is no good.
By your logic, we should push for delisting from all exchanges and taking down the forum and website. That way funds would have an even BIGGER opportunity.

MAID being listed at all the exchanges and priced rather high is much better than presenting an opportunity to some sketchy fund to reap rewards. Many people here are also investors in Maid right now and would prefer to see increased attractiveness and exposure to investors.


No. John talked about some level of stability and exclusivity thru limited availability; not pushing for complete unavailability.


Maidsafe have made it clear that more exchanges are a priority. Today on Twitter Upcoin said that the MAID team has been in contact with them. (Odd thing to broadcast but it was in response to me prodding them)
So its being taken care of, give them some time.


That’s great news. Very glad to hear that.

I’ll still continue though :+1:

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Just joined today so forgive me if this has already been done,
How about someone from Maidsafe contacting Max Keiser ". "
This guy is in the right place and position to promote it and I’m sure he would love the ethos of the of the safenet idea .
Just a thought.

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They have been on but it was in 2014.


In the words of that great Welsh Fire Fighter. Ready and able!!


I see your point! On a side note, I have been attempting to promote Maidsafe on the exchanges that will most likely introduce institutional buyers (Such as Legolas and Coin Metro). I believe, as someone sharply pointed out, they will be looking for undervalued projects. In addition, there will only be a few of the coins listed so Maidsafe can standout.

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Hmhmm - maybe good to invest in the future (the small ones and upcoming ones) instead of running behind the currently big ones :thinking:

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I chose an exchange at random from my list of Omni-compatible exchanges above, to trial this open process and kick-start it.

They seem to prefer Twitter and email so I’m drafting these two open letters. Please provide feedback:

"Hi I’m WOM, & looking to get MaidSafeCoin added to your exchange. It was one of the very first ICOs, has solid volume and a long public history. Please reply"
From my official WhiteOutMashups twitter account

Hello, I’m WhiteOutMashups

I have reached out to you on Twitter, looking to get MaidSafeCoin added to your exchange, MaidSafe is a company that is developing a p2p internet protocol, and has a very long, open history as a company, team, project and initiative.

In addition to their more central achievements, they truly pioneered the entire ICO space in 2014 and have had a longer history, more public tests, more open source code released, and more dedicated following of investors and users than the vast majority of coins currently being traded.

I hope you look up their public history on and see their 6000+ active followers at and elsewhere. I have been developing apps using their tech for years and find it much more intuitive and capable than Ethereum, NEO, and any other blockchain-based project.

They were previously the #8 coin in the world on Coinmarketcap, but have focused on technology and release rather than marketing in 2017. Marketing is now being stepped up as we near launch, and we are reaching out to your exchange first.

You already list Tether, and MaidSafeCoin is a similar Omni asset, meaning no additional integration work is necessary.

Please reply with your initial negotiations.

Thank you,


Do you guys think that it’s too long? Maybe they won’t read it all? What could be cut out?

Once we decide on a final version, I can send it and you all can then write your additional emails and twitter posts to help it go through.

Thanks! :+1:

Honestly, I have nothing to add. The email is well-composed, to the point and it reads well. Even if they just scan it, they will get the picture.


Maybe include the link to the primer aswell? There is always a small possibility the email will be read by someone who wants to know more and that is one convincing document I must say. These smalled exchanges (like Liqui) Im sure are looking for potential winners to gain market share for themselves.

Other than that - nicely written!


It’s fine, and I commend your efforts, not just this but all of your projects. But I’d prefer to see your real name. This is serious business and WhiteOutMashups just sounds a like a stoner skier DJ rather than the aspiring CEO of a pioneering enterprise. I realise it’s the internet but look at most of the serious people in the space and compare.

Apologies for the derail.

It’s clear that Maid should be on exchanges like Binance (the little ones less so). But not clear that it’s essential to the overall project though. A good piece of the puzzle perhaps.


Agreed. The rest is fine though.


Oh, I do think it’s an emergency! We do need a wake up call and a sense of urgency! I hate to watch MAID just sinking into oblivion!
MAID is in danger of dropping out of top 100%. And over there’s a dumpyard. You don’t even browse that page cos it’s just shitcoins, deadcoins and scamcoins.
Okay, I’m oversimplifying, but you get the idea - dropping so far down does a very serious damage on the image the project.

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There are plenty of awful coins in the top 100 and some quality, respectable coins in the top 200. I don’t think this “100” from a list on a website is something to get too hung up on (unless you’re a member of a cult who believes it has already earned its place in the top 10) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is correct! :wink:

Back in 2016 (i could be wrong,on date here) the token was in the top ten, before all the fast blockchain money came along . So there is a good " on balance of probabilities" chance we shall return, imo.


What I never see people state when they compare being 8th then to being 88th (or whatever) now is the percentile. I can’t remember if there were 50 or 100 alts at the time, but being 88th of 1400 (albeit many are shittier) coins is probably not dissimilar from 8th of 100. And you could even say that 2016 pricing was far less accurate given the even more nascent state of tech. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. But the percentile aspect is disregarded too often, surely?



Email (above) has been sent from my address to and

Twitter status (above) has also been officially tweeted from my @WhiteOutMashups account


Let’s save our coin together! Just takes 3min to expand MAID market permanently!