MAID Community Exchange Listing Plan

Guys, we have to talk…

MAID isn’t getting any attention at all and we need to fix this. I know people here like to say that the price doesn’t matter, but that’s kinda not sufficient in my mind, for several reasons. If it is not an attractive investment / community to be a part of, every Github library we have continues to have a tiny set of eyes on it, community devs would rather work on ETH or NEO or Tron lol etc etc, which is quite sad for humanity. We need to kick up these parts, MAYBE get MAID protocol-upgraded away from Omni (I’ve had many exchanges REJECT my SAFE-FS coin because Omni so I feel the pain) and listed EVERYWHERE, and really try to save the SAFE Network so that humanity can have a SAFE future.

Additionally, I’m a purist believer and believe holds at least some MAID and the lower it goes would affect their own funding, and ability to finish SAFE ultimately.

These are huge and we can’t keep completely ignoring MAID forever. All people in the crypto movement have seen this space grow significantly, as well as MaidSafe itself, so financially we have the means to pay the exchange fees, pay for marketing forces, and boost our own project to much greater heights this year. I have several plans that I’m rolling out myself in my limited time, but these are some efforts everyone & the company can do:

  • Make a DEFINITE list of exchanges we will pursue in Q1 2018 and openly post the communication
  • Have every single believer in this community send separate, genuine messages to those exchanges, as we coordinate joint outreach to them one at a time

Finally, there’s lots of people–especially here in Asia–working day and night pushing exchange partnerships for MaidSafeCoin, and I see it from true believers in person very frequently around the world. We have supporters, and many people don’t post on this forum.

Please support them with all you can, @MaidSafe . Every single cent spent on exchanges will be 1,000% worth it, at least, in terms of price, financing, and attracting community members & DEVELOPERS.

SAFE or bust. Literally.

  • Will

Here’s an immediate list I propose:

  • OKEx
  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Bitfinex
  • Kraken
  • Liqui---------------------Doing now, first try
  • Coinbene
  • EXX
  • KuCoin
  • C2CX
  • Exmo
  • Coinut
  • Exmo
  • Tidex
  • BigONE
  • Cryptowolf
  • and others. Tether (Omni coin) is already on all of these


  • BitFlyer
  • help me find more please :slight_smile:

WE SHOULD DEFINITELY BE AT LEAST ON ALL OR AS MANY OF THE EXCHANGES THAT TETHER (OMNI ASSET) IS ON, AS THE MOST IMMEDIATE GOAL. Then we wouldn’t have to switch to ERC20/23 to make these integrations easier.

These are all immediately available exchanges for us to get listed on, in Omni form. Maybe I’ll take the helm on this to kickstart the open communication. Then everyone who cares about your MAID should message them as well, and maybe post your messages if you want (optional), to inspire others. @MaidSafe would do well to tweet these or show some kind of support, when the community-listing-pushes are active (and help with the exchange fees–if they aren’t exhorbitant–as it would provide MaidSafe an immediate return in terms of their own holdings, and boost the vision to many more people).

Let’s save SAFE!!



I’m reaching out to the large MaidSafe Asia / Solutions group now to get our translators ready for these pushes. For example, #1 on the list (OKEx) is an exchange that caters largely to Mandarin / Cantonese speakers, which we have several translators for at MSS, and others are Korean which we have as well in @Jinho_Jang and @aydenlee so this will be an important compliment to all the users support.

Will be deciding on which exchange to start with first, this week, for the open pursuit.


Such a good idea! Upbit(Korean exchange)'s daily MAID trade volume is around 250M on average. Hope it to skyrocket.


Will. I am on board. Anything that makes Maid no 1



We used to be #8 :scream:

If we make some focused exchange pushes like this, we shouldn’t fall as behind this year, & maybe even grow faster than other parts of the space :+1:

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Very nice Idea Will! Count me in!


Breaks my heart to see where Maidsafe is. I am 100% on board. I remember when we were no 8. We should be top 10 for sure.


I think it’s great that you’re doing this.

I’m not personally concerned about short term price or position relative to other cryptos at this stage, as long as the team have enough resource to do what they need to do (which they appear to have).

In the long term the SAFE network won’t be in the top 10 - the top 10 will be on the SAFE network, so if I can buy some more coins this year at lower prices, great.

But if many in the community are adamant that getting listed on more exchanges and aiming to keep the price and awareness up is important, it’s great to galvanise the community into action without distracting the MaidSafe team’s focus :slight_smile:


I believe the main goal here is to attract the dev community. Being listed on exchanges and increasing prices is one perhaps working mechanism (I still think it won’t have the impact you imagine as people are not generally aware of what the Safe network is about), but there is “more than one way to skin a cat”.

Aside from listing on Exchanges, I think the best thing for the Safe network is to develop partnerships. Perhaps Universities would be a great start. to get developers and students, and researchers to use it. These would attract thought leaders, and respected individuals who consult enterprises on the latest tech and security, etc. This would be a networked growth approach towards building dev pods. Perhaps also focus on Cybersecurity challenges or hackathons (If the network is ready enough, not sure). The key thing is deep partnerships or exposure to entities who will be willing to observe the network development before making a decision. That would have a multiplier effect.

We need Partnership Relations role for onboarding research universities and enterprises (and exchanges). We also need a Developer Relations role to onboard developers.


You may just get your wish. Price is droping fast

I feel you mate! we used to be in the top10 for a long time and now it looks like we can say goodbye to the top100…

but i’m not worried actually. until now focus was on developent. and a lot of work has been accomplished for sure. marketing is only really starting now, as of 2018. there might be a short
lag phase until it hits but the results of the the marketing efforts will show soon enough.

i’m down with having MAID on more exchanges though. ideally i’d like to see an announcement
in the weekly dev update where it is clearly stated which exchange to focus on.

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Good initiative. I would suggest be carefull with Bitfinex as they and Tether my implode in a not to distant future, hopfully the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) soon will respond to their subpoena of Bitfinex and Tether.

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Agree with this sentiment. The current climate (scammy coins) it’s better to focus on development. The history with maidsafecoin is keeping the price where it is. Exchanges will include maid when the network is doing what its supposed to do.

Only then will investors scramble to buy.

The rest will be history.


I Appreciate your thoughts @whiteoutmashups
I agree with @fmohasen and @BIGbtc .
At this stage, I think it’s healthier for the project to gain relevance to devs eyes.
We all know that this project will need other 2 years to be completed, maybe more (hope not :wink: ), and that for sure lots of people now in the market want to make fast money.
These two elements can’t go towards together.

• So, if it will be listed on exchanges in order to acquire peoples attention, it could gain probably it for the moment. However, i’m sure we’ll come back to this same point cause several people will expect fast raise and complain bout it.

• Moreover, getting listed now on other exchanges wouldn’t be probably useful for Maidsafe cause it would need to spend constantly tot of money, which could be used in another way (like gaining partnerships with devs)

Thus, the question is: is it really worth?

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I don’t agree with any of you :stuck_out_tongue:

MAID already has so much more than 90% of all the other coins that exist on these exchanges.

They’re all marketing hype with no products. MaidSafe has had 19 public testnets and 2 alpha releases! No to mention all the patents, designs, apps, years of thorough discussions, public availability and knowledge of the team, etc etc etc

There’s ZERO reason we shouldn’t be listed everywhere, when these scammy fly-by-night coins (tether included… It’s on 20+ exchanges!!) are allowed to exist everywhere

I definitely think I’m right :smiley: and will keep pushing this regardless


I understand your anger against all these shitty coins :joy:


I am so happy someone spoke up officially, because this has been a problem with me for a very long time over 6 years. MAID needs the hype, it needs the attention. We need ppl looking at the github, we need activity on exchanges. I usually just lurk here and usually don’t comment too much, but this …just THIS.

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More exchanges will be good. I am not sure whether calling it an emergency on the forum is a help though.


There has to be some positives from remaining somewhat exclusive.
The limited availability on exchanges should/could work to everyones advantage, down the road a bit .
Limited availability on exchanges is one of the factors hedge funds (and i guess investors of all stripes) look at … when researching for (BIG) opportunity for their funds! I know i would look for this (diamond in the rough) if i were managing other peoples money (i think people should manage their own money :grin:)

So in my mind it as a positive (at this time) to not be on more exchanges. Do we really want friends, associates that we introduce to the technology and opportunities, being bombarded with fickle, speculative, capital? Or what we have, which is steady growth, that any enterprise should be proud of really :slightly_smiling_face: