MAID Centralized Exchange Options

[MAID Decentralized Exchange Options]

This topic is to list, discuss and evaluate any Centralized Exchanges that may be a good option for MAID.
It is a Wiki please add your suggestion here - YES really a wiki! (cool!) look for the “edit” link of this post in the lower right! :wink:

For example centralised exchanges: normalised daily volume (fake volume excluded), listing criteria, US customers or not.

  1. Kucoin? – daily volume should be about 80 million USD – listing costs anywhere from 20 BTC to zilch depending on how they like your project – US citizens can’t undergo the verification process, but even they can withdraw up to 2 BTC within 24 hours. Seems more than worth reaching out.

  2. Coinspot has already listed MAID!. Available for simple buy/sell. The company only provides service to Australian citizens and follows KYC/AML regulations. They could perhaps be contacted to request service for other nationalities.

  3. SimpleSwap has MAID available. No service to USA according to Terms.

  4. Changelly has MAID available. No service to USA according to Terms.

  5. Indacoin has MAID available. No service to USA.


Huobi might be an interesting partner, but it’s ERC only:

They have a few requirements we will definitely pass, the only hard requirement is that once listed you must go above 100,000USD trading volume at least one day per month


I have really no idea if @nicklambert or @dugcampbell still follow the project and this forum, but they might give us a list with exchanges they already approached and help us out here with some more inside info about all the listing criteria etc. Maybe there are some exchanges that just don’t want to list MAID. Would be a waste of time approaching them while some people already know there is no chance.


Our 24 hr moving average on Bittrex is ~$75k now, ISTR when I looked this morning that we had done 9 and a bit BTC so we probably just edged the $100k

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Kucoin is a good exchange, have used, never any problems.


Can’t we get this onto pegNet, the decentralized ecosystem based on Factom.

I went through coinmarketcap’s top 100 exchanges by adjusted trade volume and created this spreadsheet The spreadsheet highlights the following information (when available):

  • Exchange
  • Trade Volume (24 hr)
  • Liquidity
  • Date Launched
  • Open to US
  • Listing Requirements and Instructions
  • Notes
  • Next Steps (TBD)

A key next step would be to double-click into the exchanges on the sheet and answer the following questions:

  • What kind of information does the application require and who can provide that info?
  • Who must submit the application (i.e. MaidSafe or community)?
  • What are the associated fees?
  • What are the requirements to remain listed?
  • What marketing activities can support the listing?

I was able to populate links to listing requirements/instructions for 64 of the exchanges. People can reference/edit the list to reflect any information they have on these exchanges so that we can create a short list of which exchanges to pursue first.

Precursory glances at these listing requirements seem to indicate that while the community can be helpful in drafting up documentation, identifying opportunities, etc., most exchanges require that the project team (i.e. MaidSafe) make the actual listing request. Moreover, answering the list of questions to drill down to which exchanges are highest potential, etc. is likely to be rather time consuming. MaidSafe would likely benefit from hiring someone who’s sole job is to manage exchange relationships. Alternatively, the Community Created Foundation could hire someone to focus on this. In addition to answering the key questions above, such a person’s responsibilities would include:

  • Filling out forms
  • Making and sending introductions
  • Staying in steady communication with exchanges
  • Organizing and executing marketing in support of exchange listings

The person would be evaluated and compensated based on:

  • Number of successful exchange listings
  • Quality of exchange listings
  • Time to exchange listings
  • Negotiated cost of listings
  • Level of marketing initiative engagement (i.e. trade volume, impressions, follower count, etc.)

Perhaps there are people on this forum who are technically savvy and knowledgeable enough to help answer some of the key questions in order to lighten the load on MaidSafe. Hopefully, the spreadsheet and the thoughts shared here will help facilitate that.



I’ll be focusing my research time on decentralized exchanges, however I would be happy to serve as a technical resource for others. Everyone’s welcome to @ me and point me at a technical question or other challenge.


I suggest that we add to the description of guidlines for researching centralised exchanges that coingecko BTI, Nomics or similar are used when mentioning exchanges real daily volume.

I suggest that coinmarketcap is not suitable to use for evaluating real daily volume.

See the comment on this topic for more information.


the first 3 should not take that much time. We don’t need to be on 50 different exchanges. That might actually be really bad to be so diluted. I would want to pick someone who I knew would do an excellent job at promoting the listings to potential traders. That’s the big job no one is doing right now, and may have cost us polo and chainrift.

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Agreed. I’m thinking adding 3-5, reputable (as far as they go), high-volume exchanges between now and year end would be a good target. I also think that marketing support is going to be crucial and should be considered just as (if not more important) than covering the cost for listing fees.


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Couldn’t agree more. Including Vaults Phase 2 as a milestone to market en route to Fleming is a great idea. I’d been thinking about marketing ideas a couple of weeks ago, and began sketching out these ideas:

  • 2-4 weeks before public testnets announce SAFErace (competition to find/fix bugs)

Launch Public testnets

  • 6-8 weeks before Fleming, announce SAFE The Internet (contest for developing marketing campaign in support of Fleming release)
  • 2-4 weeks before Fleming launch activate winning SAFE The Internet marketing ideas

Launch Fleming

  • 1-4 weeks after launch, host local Fleming release parties and announce The SAFE Challenge hackathon series (tournament style with opportunity to progress from local to cross-regional/global virtual hackathons)
  • 4-8 weeks post Fleming launch, host local hackathons
  • 8-12 weeks post Fleming launch, host cross-regional hackathons
  • 12-16 weeks post launch host first global virtual hackathon

These thoughts rely on general knowledge of release timing so that we don’t take to the streets too early. That being said, there’s no need to know the specific day when a release will happen, just the window within a number of weeks.

If anyone has additional ideas/suggestions on what we can do to support releases and exchange listings (e.g. trading contests, affiliate marketing, etc.), please share.

Next steps would be to refine marketing strategies/tactics, define auxiliary social media and SEO marketing support, estimate associated costs, hold community voting/fundraising, create tutorials to support hackathons, etc.


I’ve created a separate topic here Marketing Initiatives