MAID AWAY (MAID giveaway) Do YOU want to participate?

Hello fellow ants,

Myself, @Dimitar and @neo have been discussing a give-away project.

I plan to give away a certain amount of MAID with the plan of attracting newbies to SAFE.

It will be at least 1000 MAID. Potentially 10,000. We’ll see. I’ve not made up my mind yet. The idea is 100 MAID to each newbie.

We have a rough idea of how we want to go about it. It is a simple, workable idea.
I will not post that yet, I will update this topic post with that information at a later stage.

I’d like to offer folks the chance to participate by offering MAID to be given away.
If we pool our MAID we will attract more users. Remember 100 MAID each.

For now all id like to know is who is interested?

Feel free to DM me or simply reply here.

More info to come.


Give away the idea of it…

I’m not in favour of gifting like this. It seems a waste of what should be valued.


I’m in, but only if it’s 1MAID per person, imagine onboarding 10K people instead of 100 people with 10k MAID. 1MAID is already worth a lot from the testnets. It’s wasteful to throw away 100 per person… and if people think it’s not enough they can always buy more…

Ideally you don’t want to send MAID on bitcoin, but give people a privkey and then make a mass payment to new :beers: (this :beer: is still in my head) on the SAFE Network. :sweat_smile:

This on the SAFE Network would help a lot

Ideally it’s also a way to bootstrap a whole community currency…


1 MAID / 0.10c. Really?


Good initiative, I think it is a very good idea. Thinking of ways to get the word out to as many as possible, there maybe are #cryptoGiveaway or similar. Also thinking that it would be good with a dedicated site or similar so we can meassure the success of the initiative. The participants can sign up by giving email, solving CAPTCHA and one per ip. Then do a random giveaway with different amounts 10, 100 and so on.

If spend 10000 Maid and reach above 1000-10000 participants that would be a success. I would be willing to participate with some amount towards that.


Please wait till we have a solid release. So you can ‘celebrate’ Fleming or so with a free giveaway


A solid testnet would be a good point to start spark interest, when the memory issue is solved.


When is the proposed timeframe to do this? Before launch?

If your targeted newbies were app developers, I’d happily throw in 3000 coins evenly split for the best 3 community voted apps, awarded in safecoin to the winning addresses at launch.

Seems not much now but will be highly sought as that time approaches. I can see a popular app bringing more eyes and more value across the board in the early days this way. But could be wrong there too :man_shrugging:

Or on the other hand @Zoki you do another short video at launch similar to your Test 17 one and I’ll send you 500 MAID/Safecoin in return. Same thought process, added value and possibly more eyes.

Sorry to hijack your thread, just throwing it out there as well as wasn’t sure if your intended timeline was then or sooner. Please dispose of the above thoughts if required.


Thank you for the offer of MAID. :slight_smile:
I won’t need money as an incentive near launch.

I see 2 possible videos.

  1. A command line demonstration for the command line lovers.
  2. A GUI demonstration a lot like my first video.

If I do put up videos, i’ll put up a donation address - it would be silly to not get more free maid - I love SAFECoin!!!, but at this point, I really don’t mind doing if for free near launch.


I’ve been waiting to see how much and account would cost in SAFE Coin. Then give away accounts or enough SAFE Coin so one can start be started.


I’m looking at it’s value (storage/account creation/nrs etc) from within the SAFE Network. 1MAID is like giving someone a :sun_with_face: within the SAFE universe.

I now deeply regret giving some people more MAID, I could have reached more people if I gave everybody 1MAID. :thinking: 100 MAID can easily be sold on an exchange by a person, I would rather give 100 1MAID/DEV.

This might also be a way to do it:


I wondered that initially domains for key names could be costed and pooled to fund basic free access. Stop the domain grabbing and offset with motivation for new users.


I agree and think at least when we are testing multiple sections with vaults at home. At that point its initial tests of the actual network architecture and proving the network.


Without that info it is really hard to confirm interest.

I may be up for preloading ‘premium’ invites with x amount of safecoin when/if that is possible.
But simply giving it out like candy to crypto folk… probably not.


I don’t trust you guys, no offense.

Instead of a big formalized giveaway, where we don’t know where our MAID is really going, how about each of us finds a few good nice friends that we really like and gives out the MAID the way we want? We can post our strategies here and share ideas in terms of promotion of how we gave away the MAID and how much we gave away. :racehorse:


I like this idea in the context of new account creation on the live network.
If the intent is to build interest in the coin, then it would need to target individuals that have exchange access to the coin. For example, gifting to a US citizen may not help.


Here were my original thoughts.

I pill post up 1000 MAID (100 each = 10 users, I think that works out to be about $10 USD per user) at least maybe more.

I will post a give away topic here with rules of the game.

I will link this on Reddit, Bitcointalk forum, twitter etc, I don’t know where else to post, maybe there are some give away sites or platforms?

We will then create another forum user account purely for the purposes of communicating with the applicants.

1- The first check point will be to send applicants to the site (reason being is because we want to promote this, I don’t necessarily care about the 10 people, its a bonus if even just 1 of them stays with the project, but we care about the hundreds and hopefully thousands that will see these posts and go to the site, also we don’t want to crash the forum).
1.1- When at the site we ask them to read the documentation, watch a couple videos, navigate to the forum and post an introduction, we will give them a special/unique message for them to post along with their introduction (this is how we will identify them).
2- We will use the new user profile we made on the forum to message each of them. We will ask them 3-5 questions about SAFE. They must answer these correctly.
3- First ten that answer correctly need to go to one of their selected social media platforms, twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin, instagram etc and share a link to telling their friends in their own unique words something great they just learned about SAFE. They must link us to this.
4- Once this is complete they send us an image of themselves holding a piece of paper that says their username (forum) date, and a unique code or phrase we give them and they obviously must upload their MAID address.
5- The first 10 that do this get the MAID sent to them, we wish them a merry christmas and welcome them to the community :slight_smile:


Too complicated?

Not fun enough?

I will need assistance because I’m in the southern hemisphere and I enjoy my sleep.

This does not have to be complicated. @Secretariat415 raised the issue of trust, that is fine I understand, I’ll just do it alone NP. Good test. I will aim to get this done this week/next weekend.


We spoke and tried something like this 2 years ago. Here are the challenges:

  1. giving maid away is easy. Who will fund this?

  2. the value of maid is not attractive

  3. the project is exiting but those who come on board don’t understand since its updates are too technical for most people

  4. people come onboard but the wait causes fatigue and they move on to other projects or simply forget about it

  5. if they do invest their own additional
    Funds it is an investment.

  6. project has to clear end date hence the need to have faith in it is higher than the need to ROI

I am supportive of the goal but a lot of the initiatives have been tried before. The absence of a product or delivery date is the biggest hindrance. So my plan now is to do all thats needed once there is a product.

Now feel free to shame me :hugs::blush:


These ideas are very good. You provide the MAID yourself, no more problems with trust. I have 2 suggestions.

  1. Make sure everything you do is fun for yourself.
  2. Make sure everything you do is fun for the people who get the MAID.

Your proposal is too structured and dignified, it is not stupid enough. I would utilize some kind of silly contest to give away the money. Having people do a bunch of organized structured steps to earn the money will feel like work to them.

You could even just have a referral program. There would be a referral thread. Every new member would post to the thread saying who referred them and any other information they wanted to share. Then after a few months, you would make a decision on how to spend your money based on who gave the most and/or best referrals in your sole discretion. You could even give some of the MAID to the new members. You could have the new members compete in some kind of MAID trivia game show style contest for MAID.

Get creative, get silly, get fun. And don’t do work.
You shouldn’t have to give away your own MAID and then do work too yet.


Not only I would. I will participate when the network is live and the MAID I give away serves some meaningful purpose. If the idea is that maybe giving some MAID to some people now will attract them to buy thousands before the network is ready to launch, I’m not too hot for that.