Magic internet money

:innocent: Kids, this is David Irvine the 19M Maidsafecoin ($1.1M) computer genius from Troon Scotland.

:imp: David got a problem, he needs money.

:girl: But doesn’t David already got 19M Maidsafecoins?

:imp: No David doesn’t have REAL money, because trillion dollars of REAL money moves everyday and nobody cares, everything is ok. Kids, David got magic internet money, it’s curse is everybody can see it move and whenever you move to much of it, it’s value drops. (This is like Satoshi Nakamoto moving his coins, totally disastrous :stuck_out_tongue:).

:boy: What will David eat?

:imp: Absolutely no pizza for David, because those use to cost 10000 bitcoins that’s now $ 5386700


:imp: Here are some fun facts kids

That’s all kids.

Thank you 1G2ND2ayRiBbo596Jbe6mQLLd6phPDBjvr

La Fin