Made a video on Test 17 to share with everyone I know


Agree :wink:

I see a new web-show on the horizon, “SAFEtime with Zoki”. I’d watch it :sunglasses:


Or at least just keep making these!


Awesome stuff, much needed for all aspects of the rolling out plan. keep ur day job until “zokitube” becomes a hit. Then connect with HR at @maidsafe By the way, connect with Ethan and Abdi @edapa and his team working on frames and explore synergies.


Excellent work! Due to the nature of the blockchain/cryptocurrency/decentralized networks space, I believe a lot more work needs to be done to ease the burden of understanding this new ecosystem. Even though the underlying technology may be quite complex, the application layers must be intuitive and simple to grasp. Videos such as yours help tremendously.


This video will be talked about in coming years, like the 10k bitcoin pizza. Guy makes a 5mn YouTube video to demo test 17, gets 3k donation that later turns into $30m.

Excellent job ! I nominate you head of the Safe marketing task force !


It’s so much more straightforward now than it was several testnets ago! I’ll have to try again!


Hello all! Next Test17 video demonstration on email is up.
I’ve created a playlist called “SAFE Time with Zoki” , great suggestion thank you!

The following link will take you straight to the video,

and this link will take you straight to the playlist.

Would like to say thank you again for the donations for the last time, really didn’t
expect so much and was making the video because I really believe in the SAFE network.
You really made me happy.

I probably set the video quality bar quite high last time :slight_smile: Enjoy my new video.

I don’t want to put anyone in the position of feeling obliged to donate so much again each time I release a video. That being said, I love maidsafe and crypto, and will do anything for safe coins.
If you do enjoy the videos, and would like to give that would be awesome too. :slight_smile:


Maidsafecoin Donations: 1C1j4iPURFniAQEr5EkMCC8LA5Nn8o69VY
Bitcoin Donations: 1C1j4iPURFniAQEr5EkMCC8LA5Nn8o69VY


At least as good as the first @Zoki, thank you and keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! This kind of thing will really be helpful to a lot of people. Maybe I’ll even try cleaning up my own test page a bit. :wink:


Nice work again @Zoki :+1:

That is presented very well again and to the point with some decent side points too. Was great to watch. Hope we can keep you and everyone else occupied with more examples / features to review soon :slight_smile:

Side note, worth maybe highlighting the web hosting app / mail tutorial, rather than them being full fledged applications are more so shell examples for devs to be aware of features. Kinda similar to how maybe general users come to know of the same features via your videos / dev updates / blogs. Videos presented well like this certainly help enormously to help spread awareness.

It could be nice to have these videos highlighted in more places too like relevant testnet / alpha release posts / blogs / websites if you’re ok with it ofc as it could be a nice way for users who maybe go direct to those locations to get a quick how to and showcase of the things that work and also dont work maybe quite as expected.


You are most welcome. Got a kick out of you using it.

Another fantastic video. You are doing the project a great service with making these videos. Please do keep going. And I agree with viv too, we should link these all over the place and you should try to make as many as you possibly can. SAFE is such a complicated and intimidating beast to the uninitiated. This kind of clear, simple, calm, enthusiasm is really easy to digest. I think you might be the spoon full of sugar to help this medicine go down dude.

I will donate some other coins when I next import my cold wallet - after all this forking business is over :wink:

Sterling job, I’ll even watch it again now I’ve finished posting :slight_smile:


Momentum is going to build now. Those that can’t handle it get off while you still can!!! No joke people these tutorial/demo videos are what we’ve needed for a little while now.

Finally someone with stage confidence and great presence arrived dedicated to offload the burden from maidsafes’ weary shoulders. The ants are indeed coming. One just arrived. His name is @Zoki . :v:


hey i have stage confidence…

just not all those fancy Mac zoom effects :stuck_out_tongue:

and I guess I do have a focus towards devs in my videos, being me and all :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops! Poor choice of words. I meant one with those qualities who seems to be dedicating himself to the task :sweat_smile::innocent::grimacing:


Sorry, not had time to make many videos. Do want to but not in one place long enough to dedicate much time. Will make more when I can.

For now… thought with all the new attention and new forum users registering and trying to get on to the test network i’d put together a quick how to to do that. :slight_smile:


Number of people using alpha2
I'm beginning to price things in MAIDSAFEs... Oh ohhhh

Another great video - you really know how to cut to the chase. :+1:


Hey @Zoki great vid! Just thought it would be cool to show next time that you can type a Safe url in a standard browser like safari and it will prompt an allow pop up to open it with safebrowser autimatically. Very cool feature and it’s easy to save favorites in the safe browser as well.

That feature got me thinking is it possible to have Safe url hyperlinks on the clear web that would prompt Safe browser to auto open or link you to where to download if not installed?? Because that would be next level.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Wow… I just tried that in safari, it did prompt to open the safe:// address in the safe browser, wow… very nice. I’ll do this when reviewing a few websites.


Is there any courses to get start with maidsafe?

or would you just need to learn how to code?


Have you read the information here ?