LXDE : Unable to authenticate

Hello !!

can someone reproduce this ?

I am under linux fedora x64, latest version ( 26 ) , with lxde as a window manager.

I did a fresh install, added a fresh user, downloaded the safe browser v 0.6, and the web hosting manager v 0.4 from github.

I start the browser, fine, then start the web hosting manager. The browser gets the focus, and asks me to allow the web hosting manager - until here, all fine.

As soon as I click “allow”, an error popup is displayed, complaining about a file name too long. The web hosting manager hangs here, waiting for an auth response.
xprop tells me the popup is in fact a pcmanfm error dialog . ( pcmanfm is lxde file manager )

It appears that pcmanfm tries to handle the authentication response that was sent by the authenticator to the hosting manager, and of course fails.

It seems this is an issue with URI scheme handling, so I had first thought it was because of some mess that I could have been putting here myself. Testing with a fresh install and fresh user tells me this is not the case.

I will try with a debian, and with another window manager, say gnome or xfce, and will update this message.

This summarizes the githug ( githug ? haha ) issue that I created here : https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_browser/issues/175

thx :slight_smile:

EDIT - the exact same under debian Stretch, lxde - now trying xfce

EDIT 2 : wooop ! wooop !! It works just fine in xfce :smiley:

So it seems there is something that doesn’t work between LXDE, URIs handling and the authenticator. Now go figure which side is the issue…


Ah, that probably explains why… I am not sure why tilling managers, and some DE are not working. It has no connection to URL scheme. An odd bug for sure.

With bspwm, web hosting manager does not work.

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