Lutz is running his mouth again and trying to pretend oil based GM didn't fail

Listen to the supreme idiocy (see Lutz in Forbes on Unbuildable Model X) coming out of the mouths of oilcrats like Lutz when the think they will get another shot at installing a con like Romney. Foolishly thinking there has been some sort of victory in Nevada instead rage inducing disaster that will quickly massively backfire and thinking that the oil industry melt down means oil is somehow showing itself to be stable or reliable or cost competitive he has again started with his electric car and solar nay-saying. He talks about the big gasoline vehicles as profit margin deliverers that are by implication not only a permanent art of the market but a permanent majority and whines about 35- 40 years of no value delivery to irrelevant motown stockholders.
His ignorance is absolutely disgusting.

When GM failed in 2008 it was complaining about unions and high wages. Obama saw through that BS and quickly fired (removed the GM head) to shut that nonsense which was no more credible than the above. Let us remember BMW in the year GM failed was selling 2x as many cars for 2x as much profit and with 2x the wages and 2x the benefits and much much stronger worker protections and real benefits. And a much more democratic work place. So lets no hear from oilcrat losers.

Lets also be clear about GM’s Bolt. Its a leap. But it still has horrible styling flaws around the rear hatch designed intentionally to make it look cheap and hinder sales. It’s wheels are also too large. This is again a car that’s been sabotaged despite brilliance. The Volt has now been cleaned up and looks better. But its price is higher and its held back by GMs quality reputation and still recent financial failure.