Low carb high fat diet tips

It’s a type of training program


Is this a food security issue for the USA?
Could it be possible if everyone ate a high fat and natural carb level they wouldn’t be able to feed the population? Maybe instead of risking not enough food to go around they pulled a fast growing and popular community, that although does improve the health of people - US just can’t afford it?

Or is that too tin foil hat?

I don’t think it is food security necessarily … but, given all the carbs the existing farming ‘industry’ creates … swapping over to high protein and high oil would be a major and quite costly shift. Certainly governments of the world do what they can to protect their industries (their tax base) from swift change … or any change at all.

Guess it boils down to profit per KJ produced

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A cross fit community of 1.65 million are prime customers of SAFENet. With a social platform in SAFENet, and the privacy advantages… It’s a no brainer.

Do we have a plan to reach out to communities like this?


We don’t, but this could be something that app developers would do. Current crossfit apps can store quite personal data (height, weight) as well as PBs, workout times…etc… They will have a requirement for a lot of secure data storage.


CrossFit even has a decentralised business model. 15000 privately owned “branches”, each paying 3k a year to use the term crossfit but otherwise absolutely free to do what they want.

It is due to the powerful corn lobby silencing a UK scientist claiming that fat is good for you, while promoting a US study that carbs are what you need. in the 1960s I believe. High fructose corn syrup anyone?

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Here is something. Fortunately I don’t need this yet, but since my parents had this I have to take care. And this is the doctor I mentioned before saying low carbs and have veges, dairy/meats etc According to UK diabetes apparantly this is correct.

I purpose moving these last ketogenic oriented posts into another thread cleaning this one a little.

Btw. I am also in keto/low-carb for more than 7 months with a few weeks break. Also tried carnivory for more than a month but wasn’t able to build muscles at that time so switched back to keto/low-carb. The main think I appreciate on this diet is mood stability and much clearer thinking.

I am very surprised how many influential people on this forum are on this diet. Wow!

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“Can’t have the unwashed masses have access to clearer thinking can we… better pull the plug on the Facebook Cross Fit community” - some guy a few days ago.

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Amen to that!
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At least the Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe -thread has now lost weight :wink:
Another thing I should do to lose weight: be less behind the computer, even in a topic like this.


Sascha’s diet:
Kill, rinse, eat. (Stick close to fire for a while before eating, if so inclined.)
Works for animals as well as plants. No exercise needed beyond what you get doing the above.


Thanks upstate. I will definitely watch it and comment later - no time today.

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Oh I remember watching that when I started a couple of years ago. My opinion then as it is now is that what he is saying might be relevant to elite athletes looking for a little extra advantage. But it sounds like it could be easily solved by adding some transverse plane movements into workouts. But his premise that motions such as swinging a baseball bat are part of our evolutionary past is questionable. Our upper body may rotate back and forth while we walk, but does that mean I shoudln’t do Fran

Yes, you will get injured, but no more than other sports, and certainly less over the long term than if you sat on the couch instead. At 45, I had been looking for something to get me motivated to train regularly again and I found CrossFit. Apart from a number of standardised benchmark workouts (like Fran) it is different everyday and you never know what to expect - apart from the fact that at the end of it you will be crashed on the floor trying to recover. I never realised the benefit of pushing myself to the limit like that - now I do it 4-5 times a week and have never felt better for it.

I think he is on the right track with this idea, but presenting it incorrectly. We evolved in a way that allows us to swing a bat and we need to respect that ability while training.

I’m 43 and was in an accident 20 years ago that broke my femur. The left side of my body was basically crushed from the car accident and would have been killed if I’d been wearing my seatbelt. I slide through a stop sign and someone nailed me in the drivers door going about 45.

I never did any of the recommended physical therapy and learned to walk again on own. In doing it this way I created a ton of dysfunctions my body. My core was non-existent until I started doing Functional Patterns. I’m feel FP should be a base for any human looking to get in shape, play a sport or move better.

I’m not saying you should stop doing whatever else you are, but make sure you explore FP to help you be that much better at the other things you are already doing.

sorry to hear about the accident. that really sucks. I think as long as you find something that keeps you moving but also provides enough stimulus to keep you motivated, then go with it.

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What i was doing is you could eat a whole lot of chicken pork or beef even there is oil and still you’ll get thinner. and my work out is sport soccer or Basketball even without lifting weights at Gym. :ok_hand: