Low carb high fat diet tips

This is scary.

Low carb high fat worked for me …
And I don’t really agree with it being called “low carb” all the vegitables I eat have natural level of carbs, pasta is refined carbs and full of energy, so is bread so I like to call it a “natural carb level diet”.

Dense artificial Carbs are great, but you have to adjust it to your activity level.

Here is a tip. Fried “cauliflower rice” , with oil egg peas and ham, tastes acceptably close to the real thing - rice and cauliflower area scaffolding to flavour. Try it, the weight falls off and you can eat untill you are full and bursting - which is a rare thing for a diet. Drop rice, make rice from cauliflower… and whack on the meat. Mmmmm.

The carb lobby can take their oversold carbs and shove em.

It feels like there is a carb and sugary drinks lobby out there pumping us like fois gras. Blocking this Facebook group is scary. Very scary.


Added a Professor who deals with Diabetes has shown a diet low in carbs and have veges, typical fatty meats/dairy w/exercise is good for reducing the need for diabetes medication due to the reduced sugar in the body. And she says if you need to reduce weight then reduce KJ intake and exercise.

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There is a documentary that covers this, I’ll try and track it down. The science checks out.

Am in Bali at the moment, not doing the low carb thing very well on holiday though!!


I am doing my low carb for few years now. I started it as a by product of reading Telebs books. His good friend Arthur De Vany created evolutionary diet many decades ago. Decades of happy people are quite a good proof that this diet does not kill you. This diet does not tell you what to eat but what to avoid. Avoid all artificial carbs like bread, potatoes, corn, rice. Eat what did our hunter gatherers were eating, lot of vegetables, meat, fruit and nuts. Combine it with short but intense workout and heavy weight lifting. I managed to solve almost all my health problems by this. I used to be overweight, was eating pills to lower cholesterol, had high blood pressure. Now I have health like people 10 years younger. I am slim and I have strong musles. So if there were a book I would advice to read than it is Evolutionary diet by Artur de Vany.


What is this ‘diet’ you all speak of? [drops :microphone:]

I have same diet, but I am not happy with my current weight. From slim I become more slim.

I would add that you should avoid mixing fruits with everything else.

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How did we end up talking about diet in a topic called “things that would not have happened on the SafeNetwork”?:rofl:


Blockchain tech is bloated , heavy and slow.
The SAFEnetwork is slim, light and fast. :joy::joy:


Food blues…

The combination of low carb/high fat diet and CrossFit is an elegant solution to many of today’s chronic diseases. Big pharma and big food don’t want you to know this, and facebook’s algorithms are aiding and abetting.

I would thoroughly recommend CF to anyone hunched over a screen all day. There are even 2 boxes in Ayr.

Totally agree, I’ve been going to ULT for about 18 months now.

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Is CrossFit a Gym or something else?

It’s a type of training program


Is this a food security issue for the USA?
Could it be possible if everyone ate a high fat and natural carb level they wouldn’t be able to feed the population? Maybe instead of risking not enough food to go around they pulled a fast growing and popular community, that although does improve the health of people - US just can’t afford it?

Or is that too tin foil hat?

I don’t think it is food security necessarily … but, given all the carbs the existing farming ‘industry’ creates … swapping over to high protein and high oil would be a major and quite costly shift. Certainly governments of the world do what they can to protect their industries (their tax base) from swift change … or any change at all.

Guess it boils down to profit per KJ produced

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A cross fit community of 1.65 million are prime customers of SAFENet. With a social platform in SAFENet, and the privacy advantages… It’s a no brainer.

Do we have a plan to reach out to communities like this?


We don’t, but this could be something that app developers would do. Current crossfit apps can store quite personal data (height, weight) as well as PBs, workout times…etc… They will have a requirement for a lot of secure data storage.


CrossFit even has a decentralised business model. 15000 privately owned “branches”, each paying 3k a year to use the term crossfit but otherwise absolutely free to do what they want.

It is due to the powerful corn lobby silencing a UK scientist claiming that fat is good for you, while promoting a US study that carbs are what you need. in the 1960s I believe. High fructose corn syrup anyone?

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