Love letter to maid safers

I’ve been spending more time reading these forum posts than posting lately.

And its pure music to my soul. I appreciate every single one of you guys. We may not all come from the same point of view but I have many a times now walked away with a different point of view.

I’m talking about every single one of you guys. From the developers to the community developers to the wannabe developers to the folks just trying to make a quick buck.

I havent seen the quality or this level of discourse on any online community or any real life community (both of which I have traveled extensively) anywhere else.

There is a sincerity and inclusiveness here that I have found here I have not seen anywhere else. Win or lose this community and the discussions held here have been an absolute win for me I dunno about you guys.

Lets not miss the forest from the trees and recognize that fact on this thread.

thank you.


Well said, I agree fully.


Well said . A remarkable heart marking the beats an open mind likes to follow . You’re SAFE :wink:


Well said, I think Safe is creating a similar level of loyalty and following that Bitcoin has and in a very interesting way. It’s amazing the level of maturity on this forum. Makes most of us stick around and hodl :slight_smile:

Some of us are even going back to programming school, coz you just never know when you need this skills nowadays.


Okay this is it, this is getting way to personal. Wanna throw us some names about the “wannabe” developers in here Mr.(Mrrrrrrr.) Clocked !!!

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The best part about Maidsafe is the forum and the community here. The people are really humble and down to earth. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and welcoming.


I agree completely – it’s a rare thing, and it’s brought a heck of a lot of value to my life. I’m not a developer, but my appreciation for the project has caused me to look up a ton of words and phrases and concepts along the way – and generally to try to dig into what’s going on the best I can. It’s been a rewarding journey, and it’s 100% borne out of appreciation for the obvious integrity of the people behind the MAID project.

As a side-note: the older I get, the harder it sometimes seems to find instances in which the good guys win, but I’m really, really hoping this is one of those rare cases.


I don’t want to spoil it, but small forums usually start being awesome, very constructive and productive with high quality of posts. As time passes, it grows to the point that core members are diluted with newcomers and the ratio of insightful members vs. trolls becomes intolerable. High quality posts become scarce, and pointless posts flood the forums. The cordial and brotherly atmosphere vanishes.

When that happens, old members decide to leave and open up a new forum and the cycle starts again.
I really wish that the level of the forum stayed as it is right now forever, but if SAFE’s the fate is to become massively popular… it would take a miracle to keep it this way.

BUT there might be a possibility, I really feel there is something special going on here, beginning from David Irvine’s natural “zen-ness” and infinite patience that set the atmosphere from the get go.
If we reached a critical mass of cool people, like we seem to be doing, there might be a chance that the forum doesn’t get polluted with trolls, but to actually purify them to behave as civilized people once they join us.
I hope that is what happens.

I am honored to be part of such a great community, I hope it lasts forever.


Not that much trolls since we limited the trading topic to trust level 2 :thumbsup:. So let’s hope we can keep this forum nice as it is.


We’re kinda lucky in that the “trolls” mainly tend to be semi-literate requests by someone who joined an hour ago for information about how to mine Safecoin.


That is why there exist Secret Societies… only the ones worthy, the ones brave enough and ones who are dedicated are welcome! Trolls Keep Out !! LOL …Yeah, we all are here because we believe in Msafe! I can´t code but I envison a great future for Maidsafe!


I expect there could become at least three types of interest - core devs; app devs; and users. Perhaps each of those can have their own separate arena with a subforum overlap. Natural that people want to be associated with the core control over their own interest but there is already a natural difference between the focus of what is base; what is application and user interface; and the remainder [user experience; marketing; culture etc] and seeing different forums for each could work well.

The other approach would be to consider SAFE is one world and the core forum is limited to base dev interest and encourage others to setup their own forums around specific applications areas and other off-topic-from-development interests.

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