Lost secret and used inv token


i create account via invitation token - create website, all is ok. a weeks ago.

now i can try next website, but i need login - but i cannot get from my head where i have private (passw i know). New account is not possible to create, because invitation token is used.

Can i somewhere check which private name i have, or is that saved on another file on PC? (win)

Thanks :´(

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Unless you have saved them somewhere they are gone for good. A security feature of SAFE is that it’s impossible for anyone to recover passwords etc. from the network. On the plus side that means that your login cannot be hacked. On the minus side - well you’ve just discovered it :grimacing:


No need to do that - in fact if you do you’re likely to get flagged as a possible duplicate (sockpuppet) account. Just PM @moderators and we should be able to send you a new invite.


thanks for help… :slight_smile:

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So if I understand things correctly, this is equivalent to having lost the secret keys to your bitcoin wallet?

Not necessarily. As long as you have the keypair to your wallet it can be on a number of accounts.

And the wise thing for anyone is to have “backup accounts” with your wallet ID in them too. And then keep the account credentials safely stored away somewhere.

Once someone has real wealth in their wallet then they will secure it like they do with any other details

In any case crypto-currencies handle lost coins fine. Those coins disappear from circulation and the remaining coins are worth more. Just look at BTC and the huge number of coins unusable/lost