Lost password, how can I recover/change it

I’ve registered one nice account but lost password to it… Or better to say I didn’t copy it while writing it down…

I’m still logged in but how can I change password? It’s not possible that I remember it because it was random letters and numbers.

The thing is to recover and keep this account, not creating another one :slight_smile:

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It’s highly important in my eyes :slight_smile:

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There’s no way to recover your password. If you are still logged in you can always download the data you’ve uploaded (if you don’t have copies away from SAFE). I can’t think of any way to recover your log in while online. Here’s how it works:

  • When you make an account there’s a little data package made for you. This is your package and can only be recalled by you, as the name of that packet (and the address) is based on your log in credentials.
  • Everything is encrypted locally, so Maidsafe nor someone else can recover it for you.

Just think of it like a private key in bitcoin, you never want to loose that.

Hope this “helps”.


Ok, it seems I have still access to account because I’m logged in.
How can I find and translate this private key to password?

You can’t recover passwords because everything is encrypted - that’s a security feature not a bug! Best thing is to create a new account and store your login somewhere safe. You shouldn’t store anything valuable in the Alpha or test networks anyway because they are not intended to be permanent.


so accounts which I’m using now, domains which I’m booking now will be lost at all?

Yes - the network’s in the testing phase so nothing’s permanent just yet. It’s intended for developers to get going on apps as well as for Maidsafe to test its stability and iron out bugs but if you want to bag domains you’ll need to wait for the full launch.

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I see, thank you :slight_smile:

Is already known when launch can happen?

@btw, very nice forum, people answer very fast… :slight_smile:


That’s a very good question, to which the best answer is ‘when it’s ready’ - there are developer updates every Thursday so the best thing to do is keep an eye on the forum. Full launch won’t be for a while yet though.


Beta registered domain name, is effective after the official release

There will eventually be a version that will have its data (and names) retained thereafter.

In some posts David suggests that it won’t be until one of the release candidates versions. So early betas are still very likely to have the data wiped.

They cannot know before hand which versions will still need the data wiped. A bug in the software being fixed may require a new network. We just don’t know and not until the software is ready (release candidates) can there be any certainty but still no guarantees.