Lost my MAIDS. Depressing turn of events after waiting all these years

Is there anything that can be done to recover the MAIDS tokens from my omniwallet which I’ve lost access to? I had a significant amount of MAIDS purchased from the start of the project. So depressing.


Without some more information I doubt anyone can give any pointers or help.

What sort of wallet? A hardware one, on an exchange, paper wallet, or?


If by “lost access to”, you mean you no longer have access to the private keys, then there is nothing that can be done sadly.

omniwallet private keys are not kept by anyone but you as far as I recall. If you use the online wallet the keys are still used locally and not transferred online or stored on their servers … again that’s what I recall - always do your own research.

EDIT: I was wrong about that part. You password for the online omniwallet encrypts decrypts private keys - so they do store them, but they are stored encrypted with your password.

“Every time a key need to be used, it is never sent to the server unprotected. That kind of information is saved on your local PC and only with you”


So do your best to find out where your password for online omniwallet is or otherwise find the private keys are … old computer, old hard-drive, a backup somewhere?

It’s also possible to store omni tokens in a bitcoin wallet … so if you maybe did that, and you have access to your bitcoin wallet, then they may be in there … you won’t be able to see them there directly though. Use omni-explorer and the bitcoin wallet address to see what’s there or use omniwallet itself.


The only thing I can suggest is - https://brutebrothers.com/


I was able to recover my omniwallet id once by contacting the omni support. Had to provide all my details so they could figure out and confirm my lost id, procedure is listed here:
Home · OmniLayer/omniwallet Wiki · GitHub!

Can’t find the Email? Ok there is still a chance we can help but it gets a little harder now. Answer the following questions as best you can and reach out to us with the contact info below and we’ll do our best to try and assist you:

  1. When was the last time you logged in successfully to your wallet
  2. What was your ip address at the time you last logged into your wallet successfully (or when you created the wallet). You can visit http://www.whatismyip.com/ from the machine you logged in/setup your wallet to find out your current ip address.
  3. If you suspect your ip address has changed or you have moved since then you can try contacting your internet provider at the time and asking if they can provide this information.

Once you have all this information reach out to us from the email address that should be on file for your wallet and we can try to lookup and identify your walletid.

They don’t know your password so you really need remember it or there is no way of getting access.


It is probably hopeless if I don’t have the privatekey for this address that the MAIDS was sent to. It’s been almost 8 years so I don’t remember how the exact creation of the bitcoin wallet/address started from. I’m almost certain that it was initially a Bitcoin QT core wallet in the beginning. Then when blockchain.info started it’s online non custodial bitcoin wallets, I created a wallet there and imported the offline Bitcoin wallet (address) to Blockchain.info… they have since changed domain to Blockchain.com.

The Blockchain.com wallet I can get into since I have the credentials and keys. Apparently when you import an address/private key of an existing wallet into the Blockchain.com wallet it doesn’t really secure it with the main wallet credentials. Not sure what has changed, but just the end of last year I was able to see the Bitcoin wallet/address that was imported. Now this wallet with the MAIDS no longer shows up in the Blockchain.com account.

So all I have is the Bitcoin address that has the MAIDS - and no private key to restore. I thought I had the private key backed up from the Blockchain.com site for this address but it was the incorrect one when I tried to do a restore/re-import to Blockchain.com.

I haven’t found any backed up wallet.dat file or private keys for this address.

Your blockchain.com account has “Imported Bitcoin Addresses” here - Blockchain.com Wallet assuming you login with a user ID or email address you should see your imported bitcoin address and private key.

That is where the imported Bitcoin Addresses are supposed to be, but no longer appears there. It was there a few months back.

That’s because “Imported funds are not protected by your Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase.” which is why you need to login with the user ID / email.

I am logging in with my user ID / email also have 2FA turned on which I get the code, but once logged in, I see my main Blockchain wallet with some bitcoins in it but no longer see the imported Bitcoin addresses.

According to this you probably created a new account when imported the recovery phrase.
I guess what you need to do is to access your previous wallet ID. You should be able to find it in you old emails.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Great news, I was able to locate a backup of my keys and now have access to this wallet. Had to go through over a dozen of my thumb drives that were all encrypted to find it. Feeling much relieved this Saturday morning. Thanks all.


That is good to hear.


Glad to hear you got them back.

You should consider geting a Trezor and securing your maid on there and makeing the proper backups.


@resk1es +10 for the Trezor hint from @neik

Serious peace of mind for relatively small outlay.


@Dimitar has a community donation address if you feel like giving something back to the community. Your decision of course but greatly appreciated.


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