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I recently created a documentation of different keys I own to put them into safe places. I found that I did not have much of a good documentation for my MAID. In fact, a year ago, I moved them in a hurry from Poloniex since I found out way too late that Poloniex was closing services for MAID.

I wanted to store my MAID on a Ledger, however when reading the thread on how to handle them on a Ledger, I decided not to go with it. Also, I didn’t want to store them on another exchange since I didn’t intend to trade them. Until now I am not 100% sure where exactly I sent them to, but somewhere around that time I created an wallet on blockchain.info. I could have sent them there, it would absolutely make sense - but there is nothing to find. I also considered I could have sent it to my Jaxx wallet, but after importing it via seed, the address that receieved MAID does not show up.

However, on that wallet I don’t find a single coin. In the meantime, I find the address I sent the MAID to from Poloniex as “watch only” on my Omniwallet, so apparently I put it there to see whether it shows up.

This all makes me think I did not erroneously send it to that address and that it could be on Jaxx or blockchain.info, but from what I see, that is not the case. Is there something I could be missing?

The amount of MAID was not particularly large (around 10K), but I always loved to be part of the project so I really want to try recovering it. For now I have no clues how to proceed. If you have an idea how to proceed, I´d love to hear about it!

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Have you asked polo for a copy of your data?
I’m assuming under law they would be required to keep it for so many years, and that you would be entitled to a copy under other law.

This certainly would be the case in the UK.

MAID won’t show up in blockchain.info wallet and as far as I’ve just found out after having a quick look jaxx it doesn’t support MAID either. To access your stash you need a private key to whatever address you sent your MAID to from polo.

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When you log into, go to https://poloniex.com/activity/wallet
you should be able to see the date you withdrew your MAID.

Maybe check if your “watch only” Omniwallet address is the same as your blockchain.info or Jaxx. Silly comment, but if your “watch only wallet” is in blockchain.info or Jaxx, you won’t see it in these wallets balance, because it’s a Omniwallet asset that can only show up in the Omniwallet when you import it.

Good luck and hopefully you find them

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Might also be worth checking a blockchain explorer, i know when I last looked, some only show current balance, others show all address transactions, but its been months so I’m not sure which does what.
Just to confirm the coins didn’t somehow leave your address.

Thanks @MakkaPakka @19eddyjohn75 & @bones for your quick replies. I wasn’t quite clear on asset display part. I know, oc that MAID won’t show up in my blockchain.info wallet. That’s the reason why I set up the “watch only” entry in omni. For some reason I was afraid that omniwallet goes down and that I lose access to the funds. I could have set up an address there as well and exported the private keys.

Now, since I know which address has the MAID, I know what to look for. However, blockchain.info and JAXX do not show this address. I already went through the list of used addresses in JAXX. In blockchain.info there are not many addresses. Just those in the wallet.

IdK maybe one day I remember where I put the keys, but for now it looks like I lost access :frowning:

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Can you confirm that the public address you sent them to does not match the one in blockchain.info or the one in Jaxx? Check all the public addresses you have in your wallets, even the one in Ledger.

Human memory is extremely unreliable. Be sure to keep notes of what you do, because in months and years you will not remember. Tell your loved ones where your notes are, if something happens to you so they can benefit from your legacy.

Unfortunately yes - checked them all (and now again). I mostly use Ethereum wallets - to use a BTC Wallet was not common to me so I believe I used blockchain.com and wrote the Wallet ID down - it seems to me as if I used an incorrect address since I don’t have any other explanation.

The blockchain.com interface may not display the used addresses correctly.

You can try the following:

Download Coinomi (for android) click on Restore a wallet, enter the recovery phrase from blockchain.com, click Receive (in the upper left corner) and then scroll down and select Previous addresses. You need to check each bitcoin address you have used in your wallet separately.

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Thanks for all of your feedback. Unfortunately the address seems not to be associated with my JAXX and my blockchain.com wallet. It seems possible to me that I used a wrong address even though I don’t know which one. The only other BTC wallet I remember to have had is an aold Kryptokit Chrome wallet, but the plugin is outdated so I can’t even test it. The only other key I found is a 50char key starting with “q3…”

Seems that in this case my bad bookkeeping eventually led to the loss of those coins. Lesson learned, I guess :frowning:

The best place to look would be in your blockchain.com wallet transaction history for any received transactions to that bitcoin address.

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