Looks like MAID is safer than any US Bank account

The IRS can seize your whole bank account without any due process or any charges.

But I doubt they know the first thing about SafeCoin / omni

I’m keeping all my savings in there instead!!



Of course not. If it’s not at least 5 or 10 years old and well established they don’t even know it exists. Unless it’s mainstream they don’t even use it. Have you SEEN government published documents and websites? They’re still optimized for internet explorer for crying out loud.


What a sad story. It reminds me of what i was subjected to when I was a refugee and travelling around in Kenya, if the police stoped you, you just bribe them and they wouldn’t waste time doing a search on you and stealing even more money.

It seems to ahve gotten better in Kenya since the 90s. Stuff like this simply boggles the mind, the more I watch some western governments officials and laws - the more they look like certain warlords and politicians in Africa.


It’s not safer than a US bank account. Don’t be delusional.

It has the potential to be safer someday but today it’s not. The odds of the IRS seizing your whole bank account is extraordinarily low. That isn’t a good example to hold up to say that MAID is safer than a bank account unless of course you’re trying to evade your taxes in which case the IRS probably will put you in prison.

From the school of
create a problem then fix it to look like heroes. The politico creative arts.
Maid safer than a US bank account is going to come about due to holding value once the BRICS and AIIB start vroomvrooming their new Silk Eurasia economic activities and the west is left with algorithm chasers for something that still may or may not be called GDP.

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I’m too stupid to understand that, sorry

I’d say not as low as having an account/wallet that the IRS can’t easily access. The danger with bank accounts is that they can be hacked easier, frozen easier etc. The ever increasing danger is tied to things like negative interest rates which shaves cash off your deposits and debt laden countries which can just dip into the population’s accounts - Look at Greece/Cyprus - they just raided everyone’s accounts and took 10 or 20% or something.

I think you are wrongly attributing your not understanding to Stupidity, when it is just maybe that the information was presented in unfamiliar way, or lacks clarity - it does also assume a certain level of specific knowledge of the larger International Economic picture.
I actually "liked"the post, so I don’t mean to be critical btw)
I think in a Nutshell, what Joania is saying, is a bit of what I said above and about how Maid will hold it’s value better. Joania, adds that this will be exacerbated once the new Central Bank created by the group of countries known as the BRICS (Brazil/Russia, China etc) starts to challenge/threaten the value of the dollar and possibly replace the dollar as the World reserve currency.
Luckily for those in the UK, I believe George Osborne has recently joined us - much to the chagrin of the US. :smiley:

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I can’t do the algorithms either. Geniuses here do them all the time in a good way. Prior to the 2008 Wall Street bail out the markets functioned off of production basically, GDP, supply and demand. The vast new Eurasian economy, what to call it to encompass its scope I’m not sure, is a phenom that appears to be built based on the principles that guided our markets/corporations in the West until 2008. From what Michael Lewis says in his books none of the brokers of Wall Street knew what was going on even into 2009 so I take some heart in not feeling too stupid. I wanted to figure it out though and became avidly interested in the BRICS emerging markets. My small neural trails concluded if I could watch emerging markets maybe I would ‘see’ what happened here. Boy did I get an eyeful and happily tripped over BitCoin, MaidSafe and voila. So just to bring you up to speed about the algorithms, its not those building infrastructure, it’s those guys doing on Wall Street what’s termed High Speed Trading, so that’s why none of it makes any sense. They just chase each other to see who can beat the fractions of seconds. The disconnect adds up to a lot of dollars and cents and they go into the pocket of those who have millions of them already. The war economies notwithstanding are highly unfortunate money producers but its not going to be the West that will get a handle on it because of all these slippery slidey thingys. I don’t want security at the expense of privacy but I dearly want value earned to be value I can save!!!

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Thanks :slight_smile: and I was mostly joking.

I meant what you’re saying, anyway

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No probs, I wasn’t sure. I’ve got a really good mate who’s brilliant with his hands and solves all manner of practical “making stuff” things. He missed a lot of school as a kid due to Cancer of all things, he can barely write a sentence or add up, but is really “intelligent” in a non-academic way. Over time I realised that he actually avoided getting into any social situations/discussions where he felt inadequate or awkward. We chatted about different “types” of intelligence and how people falsely assume some kind of Social hierarchy with Academic skills more highly regarded.
Anyway, I didn’t like the way his perceptions were limiting him expressing his thoughts/ideas and your post resonated with that a bit.
BTW, we’ve been close mates about 15 years now and we were having a right laugh recently which began because he said he wanted to learn about Quantum Physics. I said I’d find him a suitable introduction level book, but due to the Nature of the subject…this turned out to be really difficult. I read all the reviews on Amazon, but even the “for dummies” books assumed a certain level of education, so I settled on “How to teach Quantum Physics to your Dog”.
I told my mate what I’d done and that this was probably the right level for him, as the next level book up might be a struggle.
“Oh, what was that one called” he asked
"Quantum Physics for Dummies" I replied… :smiley:
…all my years of building esteem ruined. :smiley: