Looking to buy a new computer what should I be looking to buy?


Basically what the the title says. I am not a very technical person so need some advice on what hardware will be good for farming and as a general computer. Is it possible to just go in a shop and ask for a certain computer of the shelf or would it be better to ask for a machine to be built to a certain spec? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Could you please specify what is your budget and the main purpose of your computer?


In any case, you should look on following parameters:
Energy efficient components:

  1. PSU (ideally some EVGA, Fortron or Seasonite with efficiency at least 90%)
  2. Processor (some powerful processor with high efficiency and low idle energy consumption)
  3. RAM (ideally 1,2V, not 1,5V - at the moment it is ideal to buy some 2666 MHz and CL13) - be careful to buy some motherboard and processor which allows you to use full potential of this RAM. I also recommend to buy set of 2x16GB or at least set of 2x8GB, but always keep 2 RAM slots free on the motherboard)
  4. Graphics card - either avoid it and save energy, or buy something good for mining (GTX 1070, GTX 1080 or RX 470). Even though GPU is not used for farming at all, it will enable you to farm and mine at the same time.
  5. SSD - Always begin with SSD and I would recommend some M.2 solution (eg.: Samsung 960 Evo M.2 500GB) At the same time, you can use all the old HDD from the old computer.

And that’s basically it!

If you follow these recommendations, you will get powerful PC with reasonable power consumption which is important to keep you in profit. After SAFE Network is ready, I would also buy some huge HDD and UPS. :slight_smile:

Hope it helped


The main purpose will be farming and just general use like emails, internet searches, maybe some coding if I can get to a proficient level. As for budget i would say £500-£1000


I would suggest something like ryzen 2400G(Well basically better integrated graphics), as graphics card prices are all over the place right now because of mining.
As for farming it isn’t out yet, but my guess would be, not worry too much about anything but storage and
internet connection.


I bought my last laptops as used leasing laptops - they look and feel new, come after being opened and cleaned and cost only a fraction of what a new laptop costs (my current laptop did cost me ~300 euros)

I only know the shop in my country so no clue how good this one is - but seems to be in the UK offering similar deals http://www.cheaplaptopcompany.co.uk/laptops


Would a laptop be able to cope with the demand of the farming (like I said I’m not very technical) or would a pc be better?


as i understand it the main demand by farming is disk space and network bandwith … i personally would be surprised if a laptop wouldn’t be able to power a node (on the last public test with community nodes [and no limit on number of nodes xD ] i was one of the idiots powering up 10 nodes on a single machine just to see the load on the pc… and it still was not really significant if i remember correcly … that was a powerful desktop-computer … but still a laptop should be easily able to run a vault if the internet connection is good )

…if you try and get the last fractions of a second out of the connection you could go for a machine with SSD … don’t know if this really will make sense … more important will surely be a wired connection - no wifi …


Been having a look on the website @riddim provided. Would this be the sort of laptop to get?http://www.cheaplaptopcompany.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=500%20ssd


[ i personally would more likely go for something like http://www.cheaplaptopcompany.co.uk/laptops/Manufacturer/Refurbished-IBM-Laptops/refurbished-lenovo-x220-i7-8GB <<< no expert for hardware - but i don’t think you need a thoughbook except you want to go into a desert or war-zone and it should be faster (but ofc smaller hdd if you go for the ssd option … thats a pity … and a pity too this seller doesn’t offer RAM-upgrades … 16GB would be super-nice) ]

ps: but i always wanted a toughbook xD once i grow old and have more money i’ll for sure get one! :smiley:


Who knows what technology will be available in 18 months time. If you buy something today, it will probably be outdated in a few months time


Any general computing laptop will be fine. For I would just wait until test safecoin is in place dedicate a small low power device to the task. Uptime is of major importance for maximum safecoin reward and security on the network.

So buy cheap for now (about £150) then a few raspberry Pi’s or similar when the network is ready for farming and you’re good. Again save your money. Put the remaining £850 aside and get the latest low energy PC at that time.


Thanks for all the responses. I was thinking if it would be better to wait until nearer to full release so I have decided to do that. Think I will just by a cheap laptop and save the money for a pc nearer to the release of the network.


Would a raspberry pi be a possible solution ? at least for small tests ?
(Or a VPS runned remotely ?)
Noob just asking.


Based on tour budget and target, you can have your configurations.


Yes. There will be different routes, and many will probably be profitable in the early days, but if the network functions as designed small, low power nodes (eg Raspberry Pi) could be a good option. Only time will tell so it will be fun finding out. I’m also sure a lot of people will try virtual servers - you’ll find discussions about these too.


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: