Looking for Some marketing material please

Hello! I need some help. I want to present your development to a particular society. Maybe you have some kind of posters, or even better, some kind of small presentation with which I can make a presentation. Can you give such materials if this is real?


Hi @TemaChak, what sort of audience you’re planning to give a talk to - i.e. developers / non-tech, crypto/more general etc? Are you seeing this as a deck based on the Primer? We actually discussed putting together a set of SAFE Network slides for meetups during the last SAFE Meetup organisers call (although obviously everyone will have very different presentation styles). I think @Sotros25 was keen to go down this route as well - she might be looking at something with the upcoming Chicago SAFE meetup.


As Dug mentioned, I’m currently pulling a structured framework and presentation materials together for the “Who is Maidsafe and What is the SAFE Network”, “Overview of Apps Being Built on the SAFE Network” & “All About the SAFE Academy and Developer Hub” parts of the Chicago meetup agenda. When finished, I can share those materials with you, @TemaChak, if that would be helpful. When do you plan to hold your presentation? Are there particular points you want to cover?


I think this will be enough for an introductory course.
I’m thinking of doing it as quickly as possible, so when you can give me the material It will be that time!!