Looking for clarity, from a beginner

Hi gang, This is my first proper post.
Firstly, i want to express my interest in the project, i think this is a huge game changer, and i hope it continues its progression.

What initially brought me here, was word on the Grapevine when discussing cryptopcurrencies with freinds. So i came to get a better understanding of everything here.

So, please forgive my ignorance, as i do not have any background in IT or Dev of any kind.
I wanted to get an idea from people here who would know better, about the intention to make everything in this world more user friendly to the likes of me, the noob.

I assume, at the earlystage its in, the complexity of getting involved, will eventually become much easier?

The main reason i ask, is that i worry for the future of an ambitious project like this, if there is too much complexity involved in getting started. eg. Facebook, goodle… the big players in the internet world right now, are so big because they are so easy to use, and the every day leyman can get involved…

Please excuse me, for not getting my point out in an easier way… Does my question make sense?


Its a very important question, and you are correct that things are too complex for most people right now, but that is because the project is at an early stage and most of the effort is focussed on getting the underlying technology working.

Simplicity and user experience are recognised by the team and this community as very important though, and you - as a less technicaly person - can try things out and give feedback which is already helping to improve these kind of areas, even while MaidSafe are most focussed on the underlying tech.

Oh, and welcome :slight_smile:


The future of this ambitious complex project may be here sooner than you think. If it’s not easy to use then people like you and I won’t use it and it will fail. No chance of that happening hehehe


Thank you HB,

So can you advise the next step in order to trial things? I assume i have to get my trust level up before i can take part, but once i do, what is the next best recommended step for the beginner?


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I suggest you try the browser out and visit some of the websites people have created on the forum, and when alpha2 is announced, I think there may be quite a bit to play with. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’ve been following MAIDSafe for a few months now, and finally decided to take a bit more active part. Specifically I wanted to get onto the Safe Network, but evidently need to get my trust level up.

The page on achieving trust level states the following:

"You can get to trust level 1 by…

entering at least 30 topics
reading at least 180 posts
spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts"

Do you have to accomplish all three of these, or just any one? Also, you mentioned to the OP that he could download the browser and check things out. Can a brand new users with no trust do that? If so, where can I download it? I’ve found where to download the launcher and “test app”, however I wasn’t able to connect. I’m assuming that’s because either the test net is down, or I downloaded an older launcher.

Thanks in advance!

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I think there are going to be a lot more queries like yours and Maidsafe should have a standard link or thread on the forum to guide the newbies. I’m waiting for the idiot’s guide to be published. Not in a hurry but confident it will happen:rofl:

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I suspect you’re right. Lots of new people are getting into the crypto space, and also privacy/security. More and more people will start paying attention to Maidsafe as it develops. I’m sure I’m not the only crypto coin investor that will decide to explore the project behind the coin/token as time goes on. But for me, it isn’t not so much about the token as it is about the project. This is clearly something that we MUST have, so that’s why I was interested in finding out more and testing out the Safe Network.

I’ll stop being a noob and read more than just the topics at the top, and find the information, as I’m sure it must exist.


You can realistically do this in just over an hour of learning about SAFE. It allows those who really are interested in SAFE an easy passage into being able to test. But provides a barrier to those who wish to spam account creation on the testnets.


Thank you! But isn’t “entering at least 30 topics” then spamming the forum? I guess I’m assuming this means “creating 30 new topics”. Does entering simply mean to open up 30 different forum topics?

No like entering a house. You don’t build the house, just enter it. So entering a topic is just starting to read that topic

You’ve entered 4 topic and read 43 posts so far.


Oh okay, should be a piece of cake! By the way, where did you get my stats from? In other words, where can I find them?

Click on your I token and then look in the Summary tab


Ahh, thanks a lot! Though I don’t seem to see anything regarding how many topics I’ve read. Also, will I be able to see somewhere when I have trust level one?

Sorry for being such a pain in the butt.

If you look at your profile it shows your trust level. You are “new member”, level 1 is “basic member”


Thanks again! Still can’t see how many topics I’ve read, but that’s okay. I’ll just keep reading 'til I’m level 1.

In case anyone is confused about where to find rank, you have to click this arrow in your profile to see it.

The other advantages of maidsafe over facebook and google weigh out it’s relative difficulty to use it.
It’s far easier and cheaper to host your own stuff on it, host your website, your own email server with less worries about spam, chat server, cyptocoin server, whatever server.
And best of all you don’t necessarily need a server computer for it and you still own the content on it.