Looking for advice on how to use Yuan Bao exchange

I came across this forum today while trying to figure out how to make an account on yuan bao. I saw some people posting about getting withdraws from there. I wasnt sure what category this falls under so feel free to move it.

I am in north america and would like to trade some coins on their exchange. I have no issues providing an ID and verification, but it appears they require a chinese ID and phone number.

how are you guys able to use this exchange if you are not in china? I read something about a MAID coin that you guys are using on this exchange?

The profit margins on some of the coin differences are pretty huge, like almost double the price on usd exchanges. The profits could be quite lucrative and I would totally share what coin it is with whoever can assist me with this.

Much appreciated! this seems like an interesting forum, I’m glad I came across it.

I asked their online support. They said foreigners can’t open an account now…:sob:

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Yeah if there’s a big difference like that then there’s usually a reason.

And you’ve found it


I am determined.

I’ll figure out a way, whether it involves partnering with someone or something else, but I will figure this out! I appreciate you asking though

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