Long shot: possible integration of Omni with Qortal to enable decentralised trading of MAID (no ERC20 transition necessary)

Since way back in the day, I’ve been following a project called Qora (some old school folk may remember them from around the same time MAID was issued).

Qora has been rolled into a new project that is in its early days called Qortal (https://qortal.org/), which has a trade portal built in that enables basic trading of their native token with Litecoin.

They are a small project with a few devs working part time, so it’s not a project on the scale of the Safe Network, but QORTAL could possibly provide an option for MAID trading that doesn’t rely on centralised exchanges or transitions to ERC20.

While it is basic at the moment and only allows for sell orders for QORT in LTC, their devs plan to add further options in the future.

I’m wondering how big a job it would be to implement the OMNI protocol into their trade portal to enable some basic decentralised exchange of MAID.

If it were considerably less work / hassle to add OMNI trading to their platform than to do an ERC20 transition for MAID, might it be worth considering?

I’m not a developer so can’t tell if it’d be a small job, or a giant one, so if there are any devs here who have an interest in enabling decentralised exchange of MAID, it would be great if you could have a look at OMNI and QORTAL (GitHub - QORT/qortal: Qortal Project - decentralize the world - Data storage, communications, web hosting, decentralized trading, complete infrastructure for the future blockchain-based Internet) to see if it might be a possibility.

If it is not a huge job, perhaps the community here who are keen on having ability to trade MAID could chip in to support the addition to the QORTAL system to enable basic global decentralised exchange of MAID?

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MaidSafeCoin is already on a top notch DEX where it can be bought and sold for Bitcoin, Omni Token and other things (change the “Market Currency” to MaidSafeCoin).


It does not get better than this for Omni protocol coins: That DEX is supported by omniwallet, it is well maintained and legitimate.

So the issue is not that we do not have a Dex…


Good point. I had forgotten about Omnidex, which does basically do what Qortal could, but currently with more functionality due to buy & sell orders & more pairs.

One possible improvement with Qortal could be that it’s fully self-custodial and you don’t need a centralised website to be functioning in order to transact, though given that most are happy using Bittrex etc, I don’t think that is a big issue for many people.