Logistics of the near future

The logistics of the near future are quite radical and will impact the app opportunities and business atmosphere and the raw feel of our lives. A lot of things we’ve been doing all our lives will go away. And many of us will know a convenience even those with a crew looking after them never really knew.

Think of retail. It will be quite possible to get almost everthing you’d ever need purchase wise from a service like Amazon Now within an hour or two at a lower cost with a massive increase in convenience and speed-efficiency-availability. You can even now subscribe to items. Its just amazing and its impact on retail will be huge. Retail is going virtual and just in time to the door step and this could involve drones or drones and automated lift trucks off the delivery truck.

Also, while we may not spend time in stores or gas stations, we may also telecommute more and essentially never get stuck in traffic and we may not own cars. And we may recover time lost to driving and have a radically safer more social (in a good way) transport experience.

We may summon cars through our phones with a single click, know almost exactly when it will arrive with almost no wait time. The car itself will be a self driving electric. It will never stop running and the sequentially use arrangement means there will be 18x less cars on the road which will improve the quality and cost of the remaining cars. Its also seeming like the roads that carry these cars will be quicklt covered with cheap solar tile slats (elimunating repaving) that contain inductive slats and batteries for on the fly charging and smart billing. You’d keep a fee for use public system, toll roads and privatization would be incredibly stupid.

Because of the cost savings and the stability of lower depreciation and because the tech is already here (i.e. tech from bullet traines and cell phones for inductive solar road way) this could be here within a decade all rolled out. I think we will also see solar paint on cars or tiled cars in some cases because shared cars can be more taxi like.

So it would be SAFE apps in phones, IOT and probably AR frames.

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