Logging in from Two Different Workstations?

I successfully set up the Launcher and as lightly modified web page on Ubuntu, then went home and set it up on a Windows 7 machine - and used the same account secret and password, thinking I would log into the same account that I made on my Ubuntu machine - however, I was not able to enter my original user name as it was already in use.

Is there a way to log into the same account from different workstations?


Did you sign out at first location?? Because you should be able to just fine.

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No, I didn’t, but it’s not clear where I would log in. I seem to only get the new setup wizard when I start the demo app. The Launcher works OK with the same acct. secret and password. Now I have two public names, one on each PC. It is not clear how to switch between them, or to use one on both PCs.

I just tried it and it works fine. If you are already logged in, you can logout by clicking on LOGOUT button at the top right corner in the Account tab, and then log in again.


I think the question is:

Is there a way to have 2 machines logged in similtaneuosly? So I have an office DESKTOP machine and I log in. I leave my office and leave my office machine (at the office) logged in.

I go home and now want to log in using a different PC. Can I? How do I? I cannot drive back to my office to log out.


I usually manage the same account in different computer and If you login, in different computer, with the same secret and password you are in the same Safe account and access the same Safe data.
Now I can´t make the test, but I’m almost sure that you can open the same account at the same time in different devices.


Yes, that’s what I tried, I logged in with the same secret and password from two laptops, Windows and Linux.


Because your previous post referenced logging out…we’re you logged in to both machines simultaneously?

Tried it too on Windows and Linux and could teleport stuff while logged in on both machines. Just had to refresh the file listing.


Your problem probably is that the first time you load the launcher and access the network on a particular machine, it walks you through the account creation sequence. If you already have an account to access, look at the bottom for the “already have and account?” link and that will take you to where you can enter in existing credentials.

I just tried it on a new machine and got confused on this at first, too. But it works to have access via more than one machine at the same time.

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Yes, that is totally fine.

However, should you be active/logged in on both at the same time, those changes will not show up on the other system automatically. We don’t have live-updates in place yet and a lot of apps only do a lookup once. So you might have to restart the app or even the launcher in order to ensure everyone is fetching the latest version from the net.


OK, it is working now - not sure where I went wrong before, but I am able to connect from my two machines at the same time.

Thanks for getting me back on track here!

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That’s the part I missed - thanks!

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