Lockheed Martin announces hot fusion commercial product



Small enough to fit on the back of a truck and power fusion airplanes that stay aloft indefinitely.

There is a guy in France with a Casmir vacuum energy unit that looks to be the most impressive and can be made from almost nothing and cave man type tech. Find link on this site. There is the LENR cold fusion stuff which has Gates interested with energy density millions of times higher than gasoline. It also seems the Nuclear Ignition Facility is now getting more energy out than they put in and are within a factor of 2. If we can get rid of oil we can get ride of the absolute idiocy of hereditary power and useless grand families. We can evolve socially and not die in a resource fight. If by some miracle climate change or at least the attributed cause turned out to be a partial ruse it would be worth it to get rid of oil as a basis for hereditary power and class oppression. Something is up with oil prices and this may be part of it. Something our sponsored media is keeping from us.

Will the Republicans be able to rescue oil. In the US we still have oil subsidies (despite massive oil profits) but are dropping solar subsidies. This may be because solar and wind are now cost competitive. I saw something where MIT and University of Kyoto have a solar paint that works even in indirect light that replaces 250KW of solar panel equivalent for $18 of paint. At that rate one could replace panels in a home solar system for $200-400. Is it something China is doing? They are said to be on some Manhattan project for a Thorium Floride reactor.

I don’t think this keeps us from going steady state though, We still have a built out world and our growth approach won’t work without more land and more people. But this would help us with steady state, especially those solutions that don’t create heat pollution. One thing we must avoid though, is allowing this science to be scuttled by carbon evil or allowing nonsense like: to quick a transition off of carbon energy would crash the world economy. That transition needs to be instant and as decentralized as possible. It means we need to prevent carbon energy players from buying up their replacements. And it means we need to turn off carbon energy profits. in a way that goes beyond their no longer being competitive, if they no longer hold us hostage, there is a price for that act of holding the world hostage, it was a false imprisonment and not a means of inducing sougth after stability.

The BBC did a nasty little sponsored miss-information piece on this Lockheed stuff, no so much where they poked hold in LMs claims but tried to radically understate progress in the industry with misleading info on for instance the NIF results achieving more power than it put in.

But here is a fraud claim against LM for something else but recent: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/20/us-lockheed-settlement-idUSBRE91J0ZH20130220

But misleading investers in in a different league than announcing fusion. Imagine this stuff in conjunction with Storedot qdot instant charge solid state battery tech.