Localhost MockR on 0.4.0

Gave up on online test 18 development,

am just trying to get something to work, so now have switched to localhost mockR on 0.4.0

two main problems:

  • try to login with authenticator, spins for many hours with no result (so is there a way I can switch this to mockrouting instead? because I think it’s still trying and failing to access the Test 18 network, not what I want)
  • and then since I’m not logged in, none of the window.safeApp functions work, as can be seen in the screenshot above. Just trying to authenticate my app, but can’t because of the login problem above

does anyone have any idea what’s going on, seems like every possible part of this new testnet is not going to work and have several deadlines, may pay for useful help, am very stuck here

to use localhost type
localhost:// url: port
the url and port number will be given to you by the webserver you use

you might be able to make a mock account by passing any character in to the invitation thing

http://localhost is the only thing that works here

just tried that, typed “asljkdaskljd” into the invite, and making an account and it just spins for hours again achieving nothing,

I really can’t imagine what’s going on ?for the life of me

You don’t need to be logged in for accessing the DOM API, you just need to have your page correctly loaded from a safe:// or localhost:// protocol site.
From the screenshot, you are accessing incorrectly to your local site. Are you serving your site with a web server? (you cannot load it otherwise, file:// is not supported yet). If you are serving it with a local web server, is it on port 80 or which port?
The way to open your site locally served with a web server you need to use localhost://<anything>:<port> where <anything> is literally anything, e.g. if your port is 3000 then localhost://p:3000 should work.


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