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Hello friends,

as you know our world is about to undergo big economic change. Many people will lose their jobs and businesses will go bankrupt.

Unfortunately, my business is also one of the first to go bankrupt and I do not believe it will recover after we beat the virus. :dragon:

So I want to cut my costs immediately and I’m looking for a place to migrate the information from the Bulgarian SAFE sites. My suggestion is to create local subforums here for people who will need to do the same. In short, I want a separate category entirely in Bulgarian.

Will this be ok for the community or will it create difficulties?


Sorry to hear that.
Do you stil have / are affording home internet?
Could you not just set ur pc ( I’m assuming you have one?), up as a sever?
I believe the forum software is free.

Just a thought.


Yes, I know that. I have several servers, but I don’t think hosting from home is a serious working solution … There are power outages, interruptions in Internet… from time to time a cat decides to pull the power cord or pee on the server :wink: I can use free solutions, but that means someone else can decide to remove everything at any time, and that’s already happened to me whit Google once…


Well lets see what the response is here, if it’s a no, maybe I can help. I have spare pc sat here doing nothing, no power cuts, pretty good internet but sometimes it does drop no denying that.
Of course I would be trusting you to not abuse it and I would need to be sure it would not affect my home network security, which I have no idea about to be honest. Of course it would still be a home service though, I will still be working so cant always be at home to fix things.
As I said, let’s see what the response is here first.

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Sorry to hear that as well. I don’t know enough about how this could turn into a problem but I am sure you have put a lot of work into it so losing a big chunk of work would probably be worse.

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We already have a #local category with one topic per language. I would recommend using this topic for now. I think it would be fine for you to post topic translations (e.g. of the dev updates) there for example.


Yes I know this. What problem do you see to make a separate category for each language?

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I’m not opposed to creating a dedicated category for each language but I think there would be a stronger case for doing it if the dedicated topic for the language was very active (with multiple users).

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Isn’t that the chicken and the egg problem? Which comes first the subforum or the users? Can there be users without a subforum?

Yes, I don’t see why not. They can reply in the existing topic :slightly_smiling_face:

For the time being @dimitar I can offer you hosting for free. If this might help PM me a summary of what you need in terms of domains and hosting requirements and I’ll point you to where you can register an account and I’ll add the services you need. I’ve been pondering shutting it down having let my paying customers dwindle, but am happy to keep it going for this.


Thanks for the suggestion friend. I want a separate category so to be able to sort the information and refer new people to it. But with more work I will deal with 1 topic too. No need to waste a resource for now but thank you one more time! :dragon:

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Feel free to edit the first post of the existing topic with links to specific posts (e.g. organized like a table of contents) and refer new people to that topic. That way when they look at the first post they’ll be able to quickly see a list of relevant posts and navigate to them.


Hello friends,

I migrated the information from the Bulgarian site and forum to the bulgarian topic and I redirected the domain http://safenetwork.bg/ to it. :dragon: Until better times come, I’ll write there…