Local baby-fleming issues

Now I KNOW this is not top of most folks priorities right now… so devs look away now…

But is anyone else running a local baby-fleming set of nodes right now? I am and it is painfully slow.

willie@leonov:/tmp/std-file-upload-tests$ safe -V
sn_cli 0.24.0
willie@leonov:/tmp/std-file-upload-tests$ safe auth bin-version
sn_authd 0.6.0
willie@leonov:/tmp/std-file-upload-tests$ safe node bin-version
sn_node 0.39.2

I know for the testnets we temporarily do not need auth. Is this now also the case for local dev work on baby-fleming?
I am running auth as previously.
Maybe this is why its taking literally 4 hours to put a series of 5,10,20,50, 100 and 200MB standard files?

I’d be very grateful if someone has the time to fire up a baby-fleming with std defaults and see how long it takes to put a 5Mb file. Or poke about in GitHub - safenetwork-community/dedup-tester: Bash script which uploads a set of standard files to SAFE Network for performance profiling and investigation of deduplication behaviour

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yes, correct, you can either use authd or not, just like in testnets.

Authd is not involved in any actions made by CLI after it’s authorised, you can kill authd once you authorised CLI. Authd only gives CLI a keypair with testcoins it can use for all the commands, and this is why we are able to avoid the use authd in testnets and just use the $ safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli command.


OK thats one line of thought I can eliminate from my enquiries…

thanks @bochaco


Maybe it is slow for the same reasons the test networks are slow. A local network is now doing the same, and maybe it’s not so good with a small number of nodes?

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Perhaps I am being unfair and comparing apple to oranges. Previously baby-fleming performance locally was OK but now I am using sn_node V0.39.2 which has a lot more work to do.
Still here I am at an 8-core 3.6Ghz i7 box with 16Gb of RAM and its taking hours to handle files of fairly modest size.

I am also aware that we do need functionality first and performance later :slight_smile:
You lot are also aware that I enjoy moaning.


I guess this just shows that yes, it really is totally unoptimized. It’s not only about people having slow connections. This is good to know.

I imagine the developers are really itching to make this fast! I know I would be.


The scratching has started :slight_smile: A lot more responsive with sn_node v0.40.2


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