Livecoin steal my MaidSafe coins

Hi! Why did You promote Livecoin as site for buying MaidSafe coin? The Livecoin team is nothing but scammers.I purchased MaidSafe coins in February ( for$1000 ) and now they say they de-listed MaidSafe and I lost all of My MaidSafe coins.I asked for explanation and they sent me generic answer because they de-listed MaidSafe coin I should log in every day to keep eye on things or loose the coins.What a service!!!I think You should take Livecoin from Your main website page and warn everybody about the scammers,please! Thanks

I would suggest you link @nicklambert and @dugcampbell and have a bit patience because it’s Easter and in addition to that past 2 am in Europe where maidsafe is located …


Hi @Butcher!

I’m not speaking for MaidSafe now, but my opinion is that you should try to resolve this amicably with Livecoin first. It’s standard fare for companies to hit you with automated messages and generic answers nowadays, unfortunate as it is. Try until you are able to calmly and reasonably explain your situation to a human there. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to retrieve your coins.

Believe me, I understand your frustration – you lost a lot of money and coins. Scams happen, but so do misunderstandings. I think your best bet here is communication and patience, even if you feel their communication is poor and their behavior suspicious. Again, just my opinion :slight_smile:


Always apply Hanlon’s Razor:
“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence or stupidity”

As @marcin said, try to exhaust all ways to claim your coins before judging them as scammers.

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I agree with the comments made below regards resolving this amicably. I have also written to my contact at Livecoin to see if I can help and I’ll let you know if/when I here back. Hopefully we can get this sorted out. We are removing LiveCoin from our website.


I think it worthwhile to remove other exchanges that practice malicious business practices against their users. This site would not be the only one on that list heh. I don’t use them but other newbies to the space will be hitting ridiculous withdraw fees and such from these exchanges that simply do so with the “because they can” attitudes. Cough hitbtc … Polo is the only true exchange I am aware of that is actually decent.

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Hi Jerry,

Did you make any progress with LiveCoin? I followed up and looks like they are taking the hugely disappointing step of not returning coins 4 weeks after their delisting announcement. This is my correspondence with them:

Hi Maria,

A member of our community claims to have purchased MaidSafeCoin from your exchange in February this year and as you delisted MAID are refusing to enable him to withdraw
his coins, is that correct? Here is the thread on our forum, he has been encouraged to work with you to resolve this amicably: Livecoin steal my MaidSafe coins.

Hello, Nick.

The answer is no, this is not ture. All our customers were informed about the forthcoming delisting of MAID
We gave a month’s time to withdraw MAID. In our opinion, this term is long enough to enable all the customers either to withdraw MAID, or to sell.

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your response. I couldn’t get the link to work, just seems to time out (error 524) but I’ll trust that you kept your customers informed. Regards those that didn’t withdraw their MAID
within that time frame, are you going to keep their coins or is their a process for them to follow?

Hello Nick
All our customers have been warned in advance about the forthcoming de-listing of the coin, we also have a clause in our User agreement, by accepting which the customer confirms that he/she commits to follow the news and take appropriate and timely measures.
I have nothing to add to this.


This is, basically, a robbery. Such a short period of time, in which, in addition, there is no credible proof of notification, goes against the laws of any civilized country.
I hope that someone will file a complaint with the authorities and that they will be punished for this intolerable behaviour.


Yes, it is. There isn’t even a shade of care for good customer service. The thing is, companies can put whatever they want in their terms, but that doesn’t mean it will stand up in the court of law. This sort of behavior is certainly begging a class action lawsuit, if of course users were willing to disclose themselves and the value of their assets.


It did work for me. and said

Dear clients, please withdraw MAID before February 28. This asset will be delisted. Withdrawal and trading will not be available after February 28. Please don’t deposit MAID.

And I agree with the others that one month is too short and even Bittrex which has a short timeframe, people still report being able to withdraw their coins while Bittrex has the wallet operational. For Omni tokens that means a long time.


Hi! Thanks for writing to Livecoin to try and get someone to respond about the MaidSafe thievery , but trust me I and others tried and in return we get only generic “we de-listed the coin You lost the money all Your fault” response. It is very unfortunate as all cryptocurrencies need trust of the people and some “fake” exchanges like Livecoin is taking advantage of people to try and make good investment.It looks the only thing I and other scammed by them is to warn others!! Thank for Your help Jerry


You got it right my friend!! Robbery is the right word for their actions!! That’s why I warned everybody about the thieves at LiveCoin !! I would make complain but is very hard to found out any details about Livecoin ! Cheers Jerry


Well, I do have something to add.

What a sleaze…

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… livecoin is still mentionned on the wiki :

[and the list of exchanges may not be completely up to date (?)]


I’ve updated the exchanges list, thanks for the heads up.


Why don’t they just liquidate them to BTC if not claimed within 4 wks? Just taking them is completely unreasonable and I would welcome legal action against exchanges on this.


Because deep inside, no matter how good or legal or legitimate it seems on the surface, they’re a bunch of crooks. I mean, if they were looking for a way to let their client retrieve what is theirs – no matter what arbitrary deadline they had set – they would find it. As it is, they’re looking for all the possible excuses to rob people at every opportunity while assuring everyone it’s in accordance with their terms and conditions.


Not only are they crooked though, they’re also short-sighted and dumb. You simply do your best to satisfy your client, otherwise they won’t be coming back and they’ll be telling everyone in sight.


Any maidsafe coins from that exchange, should be easy to figure out the exchange wallet, should be excluded by the 1:1 token exchange algorithm .

Any derived transactions also on the omniasset blockchain past a certain date should also be excluded past a certain point.

They should not benefit by receiving SAFECoins immorally or hide behind wallet laundering techniques.

Is the above possible?

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Although the actions taken by livecoin are tantamount to robbery.
The coins were most likely " legally " aquired.

I really dont think it would be a good idea to try and blacklist them.

IMO they need to be honoured in the swap.

Sorry for your loss.

Thanks Nick.
I signal also that bisq has safecoin on its list.

(disclaimer : I didn’t test the service)

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