Litewrite on SAFE - a remotestorage.js Web App

Please post here if you try litewrite on SAFEnetwork.

safe://litewrite is a no distraction note taking app, that is designed to sync with online storage (built using the remotestorage.js library). Note: I didn’t create litewrite, I created a way for remotestorage.js to work with SAFEnetwork - that code is still buggy, but good for a demo, so any problems with litewrite are likely more to do with my code than the app! :blush:

litewrite is simple and opens with the instructions. I still don’t know if you can delete a note! So don’t ask me about the app lol

Any notes you create are stored locally, in browser storage, until you “connect” to SAFE by clicking the blue SAFEnetwork icon (top right) and authorising the app in SAFE Launcher. Sometimes the icon scrolls out of view so if you can’t see it, scroll back to the top.

So you don’t need to save or load anything. Anything you create will just be there next time you visit the app on the same machine. Or, if you’ve connected it to SAFEnetwork, they will appear on any machine! when you connect it.

Once connected it syncs with your SAFE account (red cube glowing light and dark) and if you visit the app from another computer, that will sync and download your notes like magic.

Just a demo, and still some bugs, but usable. Happy holidays :slight_smile:

PS my work on remotestorage.js is to help others who want to build apps that have this kind of sync feature, and also part of the bigger project to make - a WordPress like website CMS for SAFEnetwork (help needed, so get in touch if you’d like to help that happen).


Merry Christmas to you too and well done :grinning:


I’m just having a thought here. There’s talk of larger projects like having a SAFE OS. Well when you download like a linux distribution like say Ubuntu or something it often comes with it’s own word processor, among other things. I’m just wondering if something like this might evolve over time into it’s own “SAFE Word Processor” if you know what I mean. You know “SAFE Docs” as opposed to Google Docs.

Please post here if you try litewrite - I’d like to get an idea of how many people have checked it out and what you think.

Feel free to say if you might use it, also any feedback, and if you have any difficulties with it.

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I’ve tried it, and I liked it :slight_smile: Logged in and out and all notes are still there. I didn’t spot any bugs at all, which may just mean I have no eye for detail of course!

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I’ve tried it, and it’s good because it’s very easy to create notes. I think the average user don’t want complex UI for simple tasks.
The only thing I found odd was that the text of the note was part of the URL when I select each of them, can that be removed from the URL?

EDIT: BTW, If your app was storing the information in the app’s folder rather than the DRIVE as it does, you would encounter the issue I found with my app some days ago.

I noticed the Launcher uses the URL as the “Vendor” field rather than the one you provide in the POST /auth request to it, so I had an issue with my app since when you clicked on something it would redirect you to safe://blabla/#. Then if you revoke the app and then try to refresh the page with that URL safe://blabla/# the app wouldn’t see the same information since it’s using a different app’s folder as the launcher registers it with a different identifier due to the ‘#’ in the URL. I guess this is a temporary issue in the Launcher which would go away with the Authenticator.

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Tried it out, works well. Very simple which is nice. You can delete a note by emptying it and changing to a different note.

I may take a crack at combining this with the SAFE example markdown editor to try and get a better grasp on how this all works.

EDIT: At first glance, adding the versioned data looks like a pretty large amount of work, I’ll hold off till I find something a little smaller to cut my teeth on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Versioning might be a stretch, but how about extending the editor/display to handle markdown with a “preview” tab perhaps? That would be cool :slight_smile:

While it would be a nice addition to notes app, that seems like much more a exercise in javascript parsing that actually learning to use the SAFE API. I’m much more interested in the latter.

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Hey do you have any other links, like a github link

I’m trying to feature this with all other available apps on a public db soon. You posted about this on the Asia forums and I’m trying to respond to that

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You can find it on github - I used that code but swapped in my fork of RemoteStorage.js but I’m not keen on shepherding people to that code yet.

does it work? I just wanna include it in my MockRouting pack so people can use it

It worked on the old network and API, but obviously will not work now which is why I don’t want to share links to code that won’t work. My repo is there, public, GPL, I just don’t want to send people to it yet. :wink:

EDIT: Best to leave it for now - I’m limited for time so won’t be looking at it again until alpha 2 is up at the earliest.

what do you mean old API, isn’t is SD / AD based? API v0.5

Also, is it the same situation with the My Favorite Drinks app?

Wanted to add that program too

Yes, I haven’t pushed their code to the repo as it’s not ready to share. I’ll try them out on the next test net and if they work I can hand them over, but I don’t know when I’ll have time to work on the code.

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