Listy release (Joseph’s Safe Websites Project)

Listy is live here safe://listy

This the official release of listy topic.
Listy is a public web directory for websites built on the SAFE Network with the ability for users to submit websites. Listy has been updated with a lot of new features and a new UI.

It includes the ability to send feedback using Feedy
As well as custom colours for the website (just make sure to click the authorise button for your first time in the menu)

This is part of Joseph's Safe Websites Project.


These look great. Are they on github? I find that easier to look at code there.
Edit: Doh! Sorry. Ad blindness to the thumbnail that discourse put in, instead of just showing the URL


Yep, all projects have github links at the end of the post.


Finally got around to messing with listy the other night and it’s one of my favorite sites. Very cool how the sites are hyperlinked and have a brief description. I thought to myself it’d be amazing if listy could show the URL up top as is now and have an image of the sites front page (like previously viewed websites in some browsers) and have the image direct you to the site upon clicking. Is something like this possible @Joseph_Meagher?


Listy’s colour sheme has been updated with accent colours being used less and looks better when you customise the colours.

Added in a new feature just hover on the title and the URL will come up.

I was thinking of ways to do this but couldn’t come up with a good way to do it. Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

  1. Users upload a thumbnail when they are uploading their web card


  • simple enough to implement

  • can put in specifications i.e. must be PNG or 200x200px


  • can’t be changed (probably)

  • users are not able to upload files in the current SAFE Browser

  • will take longer to load website each time an entry is added

  • will change how the data looks in the mutable data structure

  1. Image is taken directly from webservice using webfetch


  • listy already uses webfetch to make sure a website exits

  • will be easy for users to update

  • won’t change data format in Mutable Data structure


  • could take even longer to load if each website without an image has to send back an error which can take some time and then listy checks if the webservice actually exists

  • could mess up how the webcards look especially if images are all very different sizes and ratios

  1. Users themselves build the website
    Explainer: The users themselves get all the data (html,js,css etc) build the website themselves in the background and how it should look then a snapshot is taken of the mock up and fed back into the DOM as a thumbnail


  • should always give a live and accurate preview of the website

  • possible that the loading time of navigating to the website is reduced if data is stored in cache


  • the time it would take to load everything would probably make listy impractical

  • a lot of work involved and no real idea where you should start, maybe iframe or web capture websites

Overall I don’t think I’ll implement it for Listy yet, but thumbnails could work well for Vidy.


I think Option 3 is where it’s at!