List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources)

This post is obsolete as Alpha 2 network is not running

Hey everyone!

Now that we have a clean slate on the Alpha 2 Network I wanted to propose this thread as a central location for websites, email IDs and the wealth of exciting things that will no doubt populate the Network in the coming days and weeks. I am hoping that this will act as a shop window for anyone new to the SAFE Network but also a great resource for anyone who wants to show it off to their mates.

Demo SAFE Apps

App link Description
SAFE Browser The SAFE Network’s browser
Web Hosting Manager Create your own SAFE website!
WebID Profile Manager safe://webidmgr.dapp/ (opens in SAFE Browser) Create your WebID(s) with this
Patter safe://patter.dapp (opens in SAFE Browser) Social Networking the SAFE way (uses your WebID)
Tutorial example using Svelte framework safe://crud.svelte/ (opens in SAFE Browser) SAFE Web App Tutorial example using Svelte
XOR-URL tutorials safe://xorurl.tutorials/ (opens in SAFE Browser) Create links to files on SAFE without having to set up a domain name first


Site Description
Your first SAFE site Your first SAFE website – start to finish in just 20 minutes

SAFE Sites

Please note that the links here are SAFE links and will open in the SAFE Browser if you have it installed.
They can also be copied and pasted into the SAFE Browser address box in the traditional manner.

Site Description
A safe://cat.ashi The most beautiful cat on the SAFE Network - Ashi
B safe://website.bart Just a test website
C safe://home.chickenbacon Umm… it’s a chicken made of bacon with some traffic noises
safe://cyberpunk test video
D safe://home.dgeddes Shameless self-promotion (actually just testing out the WHM)
safe://dog.tk1 Another dog giving the cats a run for their money
safe://doggies.vmp Lucky & Gigi, first dogs of SAFE
safe://dweb dWeb Blog (also at
E safe://eye.eye watching you
H safe://heaven some user art
safe://hello Welcome to the SAFE Network!
J safe://jams.demo Music Player
safe://jams.jammed Game Demo
K safe://wall.knot animation
safe://fear.knot animation
L safe://learning.morphtactic Learn how to screw in a lightbulb
safe://list-service-names.eggmunkee List of service names on SAFE
safe://lazydog A dog that’s lazy
M safe://maid.safedemo Really slick SAFE Network video intro
safe://maidsafe.safenet The MaidSafe site on the SAFE Network
O safe://the.odyssey Tycho Magnetic Anomoly
R safe:// Racing game
safe://routing-model.digipl A routing model of the SAFE Network, lots of lovely diagrams if that’s your bag.
safe://rsdemo Demo site created using React-Static.
S safe://safe-blues.jpl dreary dreary accountancy blues…
safe:// Mock up of a SafeCoin Wallet, PIM, password manager and more
safe:// Review SafeWallet and receive Thanks Coins!
safe://safenetworkprimer2 Everything you always wanted to know about SAFE but were too afraid to ask
safe://safedapps.jpl1 Developing dApps on SAFE part 1 from Jimmy Hacks Things. Sound’s gone a tad wonky with shrinkage
T safe://the.teapot getting lost on the way to the kitchen!
safe://to-do A todo list
safe:// typing game
U safe://udhr The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
V safe://complements.valmarkpro Complements to the creators of the Safe Network
W safe://wallet.decorum Experimental Project Decorum Wallet
Y safe://yvette Yvette from Clue as portrayed by Colleen Camp



Sample WebIDs:

Enter these WebIDs into safe://patter.dapp to see details, images etc

ID SAFE Network link
@dimitar safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/bulgaria.681
@bzee safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/bee.zee
@draw safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/www.drawb
@Sascha safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/nature.sascha
@southside safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/webid.southside38
@happybeing safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/webid.happybeing
@dgeddes safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/dgeddes.maidsafe
@Donkey-hotie safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/hotie.donkey
@future safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/webid.future
@bart safe://patter.dapp/#/profile/webid.bart

safe://jams.demo is back but the Easter egg isn’t present in this version. That can be accessed at safe://jams.jammed and once in the player, click on the JAMS logo at the middle top, controls are Z, X, and left/right arrows.

It’s also worth noting that JAMS does not work with the newest versions of Peruse so SAFE Browser is recommended for now.


Can’t you edit the OP? I’ve made it a ‘wiki’.


No sorry I’m talking about the JAMS thread. It’s archived so I can’t edit it without a mod.

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Added Decorum’s wallet to the list. BAM!


Is there any safe:// social media network using Decorum?

What’s up with this one?
It gives me “safeWrap.init error: ReferenceError: safe is not defined” from the Safe Broswer

and it worked from Peruse, but after I tried reopening it in Peruse I get “Unable to connect to the network. Unauthorised”

‘to-do’ works only on the Peruse >= v0.6.0 (which uses a newer/future Safe API), so it is normal that it doesn’t work on the Safe Browser.
I’m pretty sure it will work again in Peruse if you restart you computer or stop eventual Peruse instances which didn’t stop properly.


That’s an error relative to not being logged in. Login is not persistent between sessions. Go back to safe-auth://home/#/login and login and try again… should work but didn’t for me too… but a restart of persue; logging in; and then trying again does work - and shows previous item noted.

Safe Browser seems to through errors but then, looking quickly at it, I can’t see that it’s really affecting the noting of items.


Hey, testing out the new network. Everything looks really good. But even though I’ve authorized the web hosting manager and the email manager, they still say waiting for authorization. Is there any way to get around this? Also, is it possible to redeem a code for the same account even if our IP changes between sessions?

I have problems in WHM. I upload some simple web pages but when trying to upload the third I get this error.

I have reset everything but the error persists and now I get this every time I enter WHM.

I don’t have time myself atm, but maybe somebody can split the lists into two showing min/max SAFE Browser / Peruse version for each list. The change comes in with Peruse v0.6 I think, not sure about SAFE Browser.

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What is the best way to handle this?

For the moment I see 3 types of sites:

  1. static sites: they work everywhere.
  2. sites that only work on Peruse v0.6
  3. sites that only don’t work on Peruse v0.6

And what about future Browsers like Peruse v0.7?

A distinction could be made with different lists, but also with an extra ‘column’.


@digipl, can you please ensure you’re using the latest web hosting manager released as part of the webId proof of concept.

If that’s the case, can you then check you don’t have your NODE_ENV variable set when using the WHM.


Thanks Josuef, with this WHM version all works OK.


One simple list.

Purge legacy?.. I don’t understand why those are being retained. Expecting the latest browser and removing or noting those that fail on a browser upgrade - for then those to be fixed and un-noted as normal list item. So, I’d expect one to-do item above…


What’s the recommended way to create public names, upload - presumably not with the WHM PoC as that is creating structures that is not compatible with other apps which are doing this directly, and is quite likely to change?

Can you give us a list of SAFE Browser + Peruse versions that are compatible with each other, and the corresponding WHM versions, including links to the downloads? Also, what is different between them? I’m now quite confused as to what to use to create stuff on alpha2:

  1. for things I uploaded previously. Should that all still work with SB 0.10.2 and if so which WHM to use?

  2. for the latest stuff I’m working on now with Peruse >= 0.6, which WHM should I use?


BTW, I suggest this could be turned into a useful resource here:


Just wanted to give some quick info (as @joshuef might not reply in the weekend).

From the POC applications for identity management and RDF data topic:

The main incompatibility lies between the POC apps and the previous range of versions of SAFE apps. Not sure about the exact incompatibility issues though.

Peruse v0.6 introduced the NodeJS based DOM API, so apps made for that will not be compatible with any SAFE Browser (and vice versa). The latest version of the SAFE Browser still contains the Beaker plugin API.

Basically it’s this: the ‘older’ stuff is the SAFE Browser and the apps from The ‘newer’ stuff is the POC applications and ‘webID Peruse’. (

Looking into the future: I assume MaidSafe will not focus on the older applications anymore, except for some bug fixes perhaps. I just noticed MaidSafe moved the Web Hosting Manager into a separate repo recently, so everything might become more structured soon.


Thanks @bzee, I was aware of this but want something official because we aren’t privy to Maidsafe’s plans. I would have assumed we should be using Peruse 0.6+ and whatever the compatible WHM is for new stuff and updating old apps to that new API so they to can use those, but @joshuef was just suggesting digipl should use the WebID PoC WHM so I’m unsure. If I understand it, that will produce public names in a different format than any old app including the older WHM. I may be wrong though as I’ve not looked at the PoC code. So best if Maidsafe clarify I think.

In the mean time I will probably use the older apps to create public names and upload, but build my code for then new API.


That’s what I did (WHM 0.4.3). Ported by using web API playground 3.0.. Here are the diffs.