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Guys i’m trying to create a WebId but i got problems. It says me “Error creating webid on the network”


Hi @Future, just in case, have you enabled the experimental APIs from the browser’s toggle beforehand?

If that’s not the issue, can you please raise this in the WebID Mgr app repo as an issue:, providing some more info like e.g. if you enabled the experimental APIs first, what errors you see in the page’s devtool console (you can open this console with ctrl+Alt+I)?


Alright when i turn on the toggle experiments option the profile is successfully created but the it is immediately deleted


ok, perhaps there is an issue with the app getting the list of them, there is no chance it got removed (if it was effectively created). Please try to refresh it or make sure your connection is ok, if you still have issues please report them in the repo wih the info about the errors you see in the console, that’s the only way to know what can be happening there


ok thanks i’ll do it


Alright @bochaco , i’ve reported the error on github :muscle:


Thanks a lot @Future, it’s very important to get people to report issues and help us with providing info to resolve them. Let’s follow it up on github.


Hi @draw, does that mean I can use a wiki here? Yet I didn’t found one :frowning:



You should be able to edit the first post of this topic (which is a ‘wiki’).


Hi @draw, thank you so much for the hint, it works :slight_smile:

What are the most useful resources that should be linked to?

Hey @bochaco how’re you? Tried this time again and it works!
Just one more issue. When i click my webid it doesn’t show up my profile but appears a screen full of codes and letters. I shared it on github


Hi @Future,

Are you doing this from the mock network? If so, can I double-check that you have built the WebID Manager on the localhost? You need to clone, yarn then yarn start to start the server on that port for it to.

I might not have got what your problem is exactly so if I’ve misunderstood then please forgive me.



this is what appears

How can i do it?

How can i see if i’m doing it from the mock network?


Try going to safe://patter.dapp and searching for webid.future in the search box


yeah i find it

Then when i click on “safe://webid.future#me” this screen appears and i cannot make posts


Yes that’s correct. If you want to post on your wall, go to the dropdown (person icon) and pick future then click the “id me” button.


doesn’t work when i click on the person icon. When i hover on the “id me” button this sign :no_entry_sign: appears


What do you see when you click on the person icon?


nothing. it does nothing


May be a bug. Are you using Windows? It doesn’t work for me in Windows. I do see "Authorise to display your WebIds., Launch WebIdManager - but those links are unresponsive for me. Works on Linux though…