List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources)



How big is this community, and how many things have been developed specifically for it? I’m intrigued


You can create such one word resources by choosing www as a Service Name, so safe://www.cyberpunk = safe://cyberpunk.
safe://eye.eye is of course not a one word resource, but 2 times the same word.
Ps: Chrome 69 Removes WWW from URLs.


so thats how its done…

That was bugging me…


This link seems to be incorrect.


Thanks @happybeing, I just updated it with the correct link


@SaraPentland is there a list of the MaidSafe demos currently working with alpha2? Might be good to link to them from the OP here, and from there to this list as well.

For reference I’m aware of only the following Maidsafe supported resources on alpha2:

Anyone know of any others?


These from

Uploaded here… man, puts get used up fast uploading.




safe://safenetworkprimer (note: known bug in Peruse means links don’t work, so for chapter 2 go to safe://chapter2.safenetworkprimer etc)
safe://safe-blues.jpl (dreary dreary accountancy blues…)


Why don’t you have the title of the thread easy for a community member to search??? Like i can’t search “list of websites on the Safenetwork” and end up here…


Nice idea - I’ll tweak @SarahPentland’s title (I’m sure she won’t mind).


David, can you shed any light here…


I’ll get my deer stalker on and start to eliminate the impossible and have a look at whatever remains…


I’ve made a wee formatting change while I was in the area - I went a bit “table mad” so hope nobody minds.
Feel free to expand or reply to me here and I’ll do it.



What are you doing here??? How on earth are people going to click this on their browser? You need to give plain text links for people to copy and then paste in Peruse…

And here…


That’s not correct. Do you have Peruse installed? Have you tried clicking those links?

They should open in Peruse, no need to copy and paste.


Yes… Thats why i came back here… everytime i try to access this page it just opens up my Brave browser with Peruse displaying the following message:

Detected HTTP/S protocol.

Redirecting List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources) to be opened by your default Web browser.


Hi @foreverjoyful,

I’m sorry that didn’t seem to work for you - it was certainly working okay when I was trying them and to be honest I quite liked the way that the SAFE Browser opened up and went straight to the page.

I’ll make the change for you shortly (since you asked so nicely :wink: ).



Sorry, just a bit frustrated at the marketing team… first not putting the right keywords… causing me to spend over 15 mins searching yet still can’t find the list of SAFE websites(was making a video to showcase people the network) and now completely unclickable links… (which if i send other people to the forum will probably also be frustrated at it…)

MaidSafe without deadline or performance milestone?

I’m not sure about Windows users, but Linux users don’t really “install” anything. We just run the program from wherever it was extracted. For me just clicking on those safe links doesn’t work unless I have Peruse running and I have already logged in and accepted its authenticity.


Agreed. “SafeID” sounds a lot safer.