List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources)



I think it can, I personally think it should, and I personally hope it will :slight_smile:
The way I see it as ideal is that everything is linked form the webid (or “safeid” :slight_smile: we should have our own name for it), you share a webid with your contacts, and that’s what they use to discover everything about you, inbox, coin wallet addresses, blog urls, websites you reference, friends, etc. You can update that at your will, they never realise or need to know when you do it, apps automatically discover it when fetching your webid. Plus, you can have several webids, one for your business, another for sharing with friends you make, maybe another for only close friends and family/relatives, perhaps anonymous webids you use for trolling :smiley: …etc.

Once I gave you a webid, I can then simply ask you to send a payment to me, check my blog, or to send me an email or Patter message, without needing to give you any more info, you already have my webid in your contacts list, that’s it.


I’ll change in the OP my (lonely) Email ID with a WebID (SafeID) then :smile:


I’m getting this when opening the Peruse WebId PoC

Ubuntu 18.04

@mods feel free to move this if there is a better place for it


I think here is fine. Further questions are maybe better asked in the following topic: Creating your WebId on the SAFE Network (Alpha-2)
Added your and my SafeID in the OP.


@southside this is a known error (we’ve a fix, but not yet released in a new browser version).

It basically happens intermittently, so if you see it, for now simply restart the browser and try again. (It could happen a few times in a row, if you’re unlucky). That’s the workaround until the latest version of the browser is out the door.


Just to expand on this a bit more, @happybeing (and @bzee or any devs):

Any app adding/removing/parsing MDs should really also be doing some validity checks on the data, as there’s no way to be sure that another app hasn’t added another key/value to any MD which could break your parsing.

It’s not something you naturally think about, but apps will have to do as they no longer ‘own’ the data as they do on the clearnet.

However, this is another advantage to RDF though, as you can more easily check that the data you’re receiving fits your schema or no (and act accordingly… [ignore/check if vocabs can be useful etc]), which is nice.

10 key facts about SAFE Network

How do you create these one word resources?

safe://cyberpunk test video




How big is this community, and how many things have been developed specifically for it? I’m intrigued


You can create such one word resources by choosing www as a Service Name, so safe://www.cyberpunk = safe://cyberpunk.
safe://eye.eye is of course not a one word resource, but 2 times the same word.
Ps: Chrome 69 Removes WWW from URLs.


so thats how its done…

That was bugging me…


This link seems to be incorrect.


Thanks @happybeing, I just updated it with the correct link


@SaraPentland is there a list of the MaidSafe demos currently working with alpha2? Might be good to link to them from the OP here, and from there to this list as well.

For reference I’m aware of only the following Maidsafe supported resources on alpha2:

Anyone know of any others?


These from

Uploaded here… man, puts get used up fast uploading.




safe://safenetworkprimer (note: known bug in Peruse means links don’t work, so for chapter 2 go to safe://chapter2.safenetworkprimer etc)
safe://safe-blues.jpl (dreary dreary accountancy blues…)


Why don’t you have the title of the thread easy for a community member to search??? Like i can’t search “list of websites on the Safenetwork” and end up here…


Nice idea - I’ll tweak @SarahPentland’s title (I’m sure she won’t mind).


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