List of similar movements


Let’s make a list of all similar movements and/or groups where we can advertise / discuss SAFE because of common interests.

So we can have an easy list of places / websites / forums where we can get the word out to like-mined people.

Here, I’ll start:

  • Occupy movement
  • Zeitgeist movement
  • Venus project
  • anything Singularity related
  • Reddit (especially r/Futurology)

Etc. Please help me build a great list,

So people can get ideas on where to spread the word of SAFE!


–All liberty-related news, podcasts and forums.
–All cyberpunk and cryptocurrency news, podcasts and forums.
–IT network people in general.


p2p foundation (facebook & forum)
Diaspora community & devs
Friendica ditto
Hacker / maker /FabLab organisations, forums & communities
Lili (low impact living initiative)
Agile software movement (cf Martin Fowler video)


–Glenn Greenwald and the staff of The Intercept.
–Freedombox Foundation