List of safe sites in the community network

I have made it a Wiki, so anybody can update the list.

Site Comment
safe://test Simple test
safe://traktion Lazy Dog
safe://wof.savage The Wheel of Fortune
safe://fishy.savage A very fishy video
safe://to-do A to do list
safe://multikey A test video
safe://safeblues.jpl The blues are back
safe://cat.jpl From site creation demo
safe:// A terrible and useless screenshot of
safe://safedapps.jpl Developing dApps on SAFE part 1 from Jimmy Hacks Things.
safe://racer.savage Racing Game license
safe://safesource SAFE Source Code - the code for the binaries which run this community network
safe://yropeehn.yro Unfinished national EU conlang community. Eat dust Esperanto !

This list is for the community network, whereas the list for the Alpha 2 network is here: