List of Portable Apps for public SAFE Drives

With the advent of SAFE as a mountable disk (safe-vfs): First version:

… in the above post David has mentioned using virtual SAFE Drives which mount public files directly on your device, to create a public (immutable, unhackable) share of Portable Apps.

This topic is a place to discuss Portable Apps and to suggest actual existing portable apps to host on a public drive, so anyone can access a particular portable app just by logging into SAFE and mounting the drive. No install needed.

To suggest an existing portable app that you would actually use or test out if available on SAFEnetwork please post the full app name with a link, and if possible a list of which operating systems it is available for. I made this a wiki post so we can all edit it to create a curated list here in alphabetical order.

Portable Apps Suggested by SAFE Community

Please add links and OS of any portable apps that you want to try out:


What is a portable app?

A portable app is a ready to run program that can be used without first installing it, typically from a USB drive or a CD.

This Wikipedia page has more info and lists many potable apps for different operating systems, but I’m sure there are many others.


Wow !!
Now that you and David say it , it pretty much looks like a shell, but with all the Safe fancy stuff added. By logging into Safe and mounting the drives as vfs , I have an access to a machine with pre installed software and virtually unlimited disk space. Even better the disk is encrypted, no 3rd party has my credentials, I don’t have to ask anyone to use my share, and in- and out-bound links are seriously secure and anonymous.

Looking at things that way , I would love to have safe versions installed on the drive of : irssi , pine , git, lynx… Sorry I don t have links to actual safe implementations, just dreaming out loud:-)

I figured out what the scope of the thing was when I realised I could work with say, Geany, WITHIN the drive and directly save my files to Safe. Then I did try that for real ,thanks to @loureirorg. It just worked and I thought WOW, This is really huge.


Run Redox OS (rust microkernel) on the safenetwork :wink: Rust on Rust on Rust.