List of most-desired apps

This is the list of the “Most Desired Apps,” which I got from the big thread discussion.

I seriously believe that the next billionaires will be minted through safecoin,

And it could definitely be YOU if you just go learn coding, and make some of the ideas that are SITTING RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU!! Imagine being a BILLIONAIRE dude!!

This is the recipe for INSANE fame & wealth. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

So without further ado: the list!

“SAFE-Med” Decentralized medicine +26!!
(^MaidSafe could SAVE LIVES by killing out evil pharma with all its prohibitive patents)
Decentralized Exchange (fiat&crypto) +13
Global Federated News (reddit-style?) +11
Whistleblower app +10
SAFEmessaging / email +8
Web dev app +8
SAFEhub +7
(^to remove open source projects like MaidSafe from dependence on centralized “GitHub”)
SAFEtube (w donation button for the artists) +7
(^YouTube replacement, free of ADS and censorship)
Video recording straight to SAFE cloud +7
Firefox plugin for SAFE +7
Complete database of all public domain works +6
Photoshop replacement +6
SAFExchange (stack exchange replacement) +6
SAFEbook social network +5
File sharing app +5
Genomics / Protenomics +5
Free 3D printed designs database +5
Rent paying app (like OpenRent) +5
Nomination & voting system +5
Openbazaar (massive online marketplace) +5
3D printing self-sufficiency tools app +5
Blank app template +4
Virtualbox +4
Live music jamming app +4
Decentralized community built MMO +3
Cross device encryption +3
SAFEtime time bank +3
A New Government. +3
Ultimate Photo album app +3
SAFEsearch +3
(^replace google; searches through SAFE + non-SAFE results)
Wiki app +3
Webshop +3
Drag n drop website creator +3
SAFEtweets (twitter) +3
SafeCoin lottery +3
Automous Car Driving app +2
SAFEweaver (dreamweaver for SAFE) +2
Distributed Computing +2
Finger print sender +2
SAFE Network speed tracker +2
Big data app +2
Pokedex of real life species +2
SAFEstarter (kickstarter w sfcoin) +2
Family resources +1
Azure/AWS +1
Indie phone +1
Blogging platform +1


Did I really post this?

It’s unnecessary when we already have the MWA thread.

Did I really make this extra thread? Or did someone push this into a new topic?

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I think you must have. No edits or linkages. It is from Oct 2014

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I blacked out on whiskey once in IRC. Woke up to some crazy comments I made…

It happens to the best of us man!

EDIT: Should we close it and unlist it?


Please don’t, that thread is a nightmare to read through as it’s way too long.
In fact someone should go through that thread and compile the suggestions into one post and edit this OP with that list.

I wasn’t here last time this was discussed so to add an application: some thing like Evernote mixed with Windows Explorer, where you can note all the interesting text, videos, images, etc posted on the SAFE Network. Think bookmarks for files organised with tags and thumbnail representations and then from there you could start to combine multiple users tagging of public files to construct a sort of search / recommendation engine.

(hmmm - you could link the blog (@lightyear) and the filesharing/pastebin-app (@nice) in your list, as well as the music-player (@Artiscience if i’m not wrong), the firefox plugin => proxy configuration+ublock origin rule, and the blank app template -> @happybeing s thread “Live” Community Apps , SafePress for the website generator aaaaaaaaaand there was another file sharing app (not webapp) i lost the link, and the vault manager, as well as the safe-browser by @cretz :open_mouth: )

uhm and of course your app store @whiteoutmashups and n99 :smiley: