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I won’t indeed, but then I don’t have an address.

Glad to see you not wasting time like me today: watching terns and feeding ducklings.

Yesterday I was listening to a yaffle, I mean. Oh, but I did phone my mum.


I spend a lot of time tending my (legal) marijuana plants. Maybe a SAFE site on cannabis growing would be a hit. I mean if you want to know how (for educational purposes only!) then it might be good to know your tyrannical government doesn’t know you looked into this.

Anyways if you are a drifter that’s super cool, but I am sure you have many friends with addresses that could receive packages. Is it really the not having an address or some other reason you would not order a physical good?


Is there yet anyway to receive input from the user?.. used to be an option in Alpha2 to see site owners update a list… and I recall some to do list functionality…and a wall to spray paint. Till then can’t order socks or weed or turkey sandwiches.

Yes growing tips would be good. This lockdown has disrupted many supply chains and things are getting desperate.

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Phone your mum EVERY DAY <-- It’s the rules

I’m not normally one for rules, but in this case…


what I really need is a website on how to make a website lmao. Only ever built sites using things like wix (although not wix)… ya know where its basically just a word processor that converts it all into html. Like I would love to whip one up this afternoon but I feel I would have to learn a new skillset and that would be a much more significant time investment.

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Can you work a linux CLI?

A basic website is pretty simple.
A step up from Wix is using WordPress. You can get VERY good results from standard WP.

But whether you use WP, Drupal or write your own from scratch with a text editor producing index.html and .css files, the first rule of making a website is - plan it out beforehand - sketch out how you would like to make it look and what pages you will have.
Half an hour spent at that stage will save LOTS of faffing about later


lol let me give you an idea of where I am technologically… I have no clue what Linux CLI even is lmao.

Anyways to make a SAFE site I could just use WordPress for example then publish it, inspect the html, and copy/paste that for my site on the SAFE network?

Hmm yes I do understand about planning. it’s important in cannabis cultivation to. Skilled gardeners aren’t doing knee jerk reactions. They have a plan that was made before they even germinated a seed.


Looks like a client service relationship to me, meanwhile…

So long as the mooring holds I don’t drift, but as for using their addresses: if you dob on your mates you can expect to end up floating anyway.

Too much of The Sweeney in the seventies, sorry.

Of course where there’s a will… (not our Will you understand).


This is a brilliant resource - the “try it yourself” feature on every page is great.
EDIT – a link would help…

As for planning, I’m planning to make a list of folk I could contact who might be able to get me some viable seeds. Then the pile of old PSUs are getting robbed for their fans. Cos airflow round spindly seedlings grows nice strong stems, not 4 foot straws…


yes that’s a good plan on how to save 5%… the main costs are lights for hardware, but eventually even that gets dwarfed by disposables like seeds and fertilizer. Still not a bad idea at all… I pick up a dime on the sidewalk if I see one. Just saying fans are a relatively cheap part of a grow op.

As for viable seeds just look for seedbanks online. I would recommend you buy from a seedbank in your country so the worst crime you possibly committed was illegally buying like less then a gram of cannabis, rather then being an international importer.

I will check out that site tonight instead of just getting drunk/stoned cause weekends are boring now!

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Content is the hard part of websites…

You can for starters use a word processor like LibreOffice Writer or M$ Word and save as html. Open the file it created in as a text file and you can see the source; open it in a browser and if it looks ok then the CLI=Command Line Interface is an option to upload… just follow the steps in the abc guide for that.

The hard part of everything is the author that cannot publish because it doesn’t look right on the first pass.

Start simple and iterate. repeat until done.


see that’s where it gets intense. I can write you the master philosophical work in MS word but am not really sure how to share it on the big bad internet. I think I got some good tips here but more research required though.

@Southside I need to play around with this more but as far as I got I managed to get it to say:

This is a Heading

This is a paragraph suck my dick.

well its a start lol this seems like a thing you have to play with and figure out though more then explaining to me wtf is going on

what I don’t understand is WHAT IS A HEADING? is it just font big? If so why not be more clear and say this is just a line of font size X?

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A heading suggests structure.

So, it can be useful to see title; sections; subsections, labelled as <h1><h2><h3>.

Might I suggest you’re overthinking it?.. it’s like math… you have formula … put potatoes in one end and get oranges at the other… wonder not how, while all you need to do it produce oranges. Understanding is for later. Those with experience have resolved that headers are usefully labelled as not just paragraphs with larger font… etc, for good reasons.

All sites are essentially the same.

You need a place on the web… and that will see the browser look for index.html if you don’t link directly to a particular filename.

So, you might want a place with a domain name as safe://myfirstwebsite

You can have other pages linked to from the index.html and call them whatever you want with links of the form <a href="dick">goes here</a> but that’s for later.

So, create a file called index.html and then you upload with the command line (yet to have a pointy clicky tool for Windows users but it’s simple to use) refer to The SAFE CLI User Guide to learn how to start using it.

If you have your files in a folder ./www/ then safe files put ./www/ --recursive will upload whatever is in that folder to an xor address. You then need to link a domain name with safe nrs create myfirstwebsite --link thexoraddress?v=0



ok this was very useful but it still seems to me a header is just and arbitrary large text but ok no prob. I get that maybe in future I have some web like structure where this actually helps me some things are headers and some things are not

I know about the href to my dick from LiveJournal!

It’s made to be easy - because people are lazy, what succeeds tends to be easy.

Labeling everything as a paragraph, is more work to resolve what you want to appear differently. Headers are by default setup to appear larger; so, it’s a fallback default basic presentation as well as being good option later for tweaks.

It saves a noob having to learn about presentation; style sheets and css, before they can get their first hello world page working.

More to the point, it’s a legacy that allows pages to collapse to any device. Kindles use the same and without the option to call style sheets. Off topic but it’s simple if you’ve written a thesis to create a kindle… the tool for that makes apparent that each book is just a basic website… paragraphs and headings - along with <b>bold</b> <i>italics</i> and other basic tags.


ohhh ok so I get it. By using the header I am making sure on all devices that is the first thing you see with out being overwhelmed by one character per screen on a phone or whateves?

All devices will scale anyway… and it’s a bit back to front… it’s an evolved thing™; so, you’re developing the way it was in early 1990’s where all the bulk of websites - javascript and css etc, was not an option.

Incidentally if you want motivation… consider that most all the internet is dominated by the top 1million websites… and really a fraction of that - really not many. Most people seem not to mind being normal and being part of the grey goo that is facebook and the like… yet, it’s not rocket science to develop something that suits purpose and is new and a bit different.

As I suggested if you’ve got content, that’s the hard bit done. Be original, be entertaining and create websites of different designs and it’ll become second nature - just another tool that gives you options.

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thank you for your feedback. I at least believe most people like marijuana and most people would grow it if they could… although by those 2 conditions its relatively a small group and not masses of farmers in china…but still if I could craft even a crude website on the SAFE network it would be a victory for freedom!

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