List of Community SAFEsites / Websites - public shared section

Yes, these will be taken down as soon as Baby Fleming’s nappies get changed again, and yes, not all of them are fully functional, but it’s nice to have something to look at. It’s a wiki, so feel free to add your own.

SAFE Apps and instructions

App link Description
SAFE Browser The SAFE Network’s desktop browser
SAFE Network App Everything in one place on the desktop, point and click
SAFE CLI Command line interface for SAFE Network - follow the instructions to download and install vaults and authenticator and you’re good to go
SAFE Mobile Browser SAFE Browser for iOS & Android
SAFE Authenticator Mobile Authenticator app for iOS & Android
SAFE CLI User’s Guide All the info you need to get started


Site Description

Add some!

SAFE Sites

Please note that the links here are SAFE links and will open in the SAFE Browser if you have it installed.
They can also be copied and pasted into the SAFE Browser address box in the traditional manner.

Site Description
B safe://bike Yerontour’s fancy machine
C safe://cdn Southside’s cdn for vue-shop
E safe://eye.eye watching you
D safe://frabrunelle
H safe://heaven some user art
H safe://hello Welcome to the SAFE Network!
H safe://helloworld It’s full of stars…
H safe://hnyynyic6eqro83om7gcznj9zq4iscizq6ap71a9iaoc1iii1ijsjyj6mybnc pie
L safe://list A list of safe websites and domains
M safe://maidsafe About MaidSafe
N safe://network site reproduced on SAFE
O safe://orsvarn Lukas Orsvärn’s games portfolio
P safe://primer SAFE Network Primer
S safe://safeblues Still got dem same ol’ blues…
S safe://southside
S safe://sendmoneynow Testing receiving test coins into a wallet - Baby steps to a shopping cart
T safe://testaudio.digipl Testing various audio formats
V safe://vue-shop Want socks? We have both green AND blue… Experimental shopping site using Vue
W safe://wave1.digipl Stay away from the seawall kids


Not currently operational


Sample WebIDs:

ID SAFE Network link

Any of you Linux gurus know how to get safe:// links to open in Safe Browser (~/bin/safe-browser-v0.17.0-alpha.11-linux-x64.AppImage) by default in Debian 10? Not a serious issue but it’s annoying me now and I MUST defeat it.

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I wonder this is not as simple as mediatype… I’m not sure browsers usually take their prompt from protocol… though ftp:// and other protocols do exist.

I’ve queried over at for starters as I wonder Firefox perhaps the most flexible browser for fixing this.

Do you ever see the pop-up mentioning XDG-open?


In Firefox I get

The address wasn’t understood

Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (safe) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.

You might need to install other software to open this address.

Yeah this is what I get too.

One step beyond what I can do is
which it seems suggests bouncing through a php that prompts a file opening with a certain extension… so, you could look to and the .safe is simple enough to associate. If you create as a text file and right-click you can use custom option to open with SAFE browser.
Joining that up would need a third party website to take the input from a link that perhaps was unsafe crafted to be http://somewebsite/SAFE/bounce?=somesafewebsite and inserts to its php to follow through to users environment trying to open that and the browser not doing so because it’s not just a text file.

header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream');
header('Content-Disposition: attachment; '.'filename=""');
// It is essential that no output occurs before these appear in the file
// or you'll receive the notorious "headers already sent" error.

So, it’s a bit basic atm but safe://sites is there now to make it easier to click links. Not expecting to refresh very often unless there’s a rush of new content wanting it.


Lists of websites now at safe://yvette

It’s rough and unpolished but serves a purpose until something better comes along.

Update any new domains to this thread and I’ll look to include them.


Talking of Yvette, where is the dear lady? There’s a couple of things I’ve been missing…

She’s busy… and no doubt hoping that many more websites will spawn.

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Bending over, doing the dusting? #Fnaarrr

You’ll have to be more creative than base to impress her…

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Forgetting previous passwords… so, new domain for the current list

That should be a lot more readable on mobiles now.

Stats from the easily guessed detail I find:

Guessing found 84 public domain names
28 websites
7 aliases

[SafeKey] :key: 8 =[8 nrs]
[PublishedSeqAppendOnlyData] # 75 =[73 nrs + 1 xor + 1 idn]
[PublishedImmutableData] - of the order of 950 xorurls

2270 files; 159 html; 1302 media
x̄ = 4.1MB; max = 37MB; sum = 278MB
± err!



I know its listed as experimental but does the sock site actually fulfill orders if you order them? I might do it just to support the first “commercial” type site. Maybe this guy will make out like a bandit if more then just me thinks that way lol.

Edit: Actually looks like @Southside has a store to. I try buying something form him as well!


Yes I might send you a picture of a sock
That site needs much TLC - I’d avoid it for now, TBH - but thanks :slight_smile:


hey that’s fine I just want to encourage you to grow it and encourage other’s to make their own.

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There are shops on safe already and you’re worried about fulfillment?

I don’t care about delivery, I’m not giving anyone my address :wink:

Can I pay with test Safecoin?!


fair point. At least I can say I checked them out to show my support. I don’t really need any red or blue socks right now. I just wanted to encourage these people to keep doing what they are doing.

But when there are more serious merchant sites you would never use them if its a physical good you have to give your address for? @happybeing


I had put that site to one side for a bit while I concentrated ongetting my Javascript and specifically Vue up to speed.
I was considering putting a test safecoin address up as part of a prototype cart.
I might get on with that tonight but for now I am distracted with

My record so far is 2 rolls and a loop then a successful docking - still havent found the Easter Egg Tesla yet tho