List of Community Members Skills



I saw a few posts where people ask for help on different types of things, so I thought it would be helpful if we each sort of introduced our skills so people can know who to ask for help in the future.

Skills can be anything from different types of programming, to GIF making, to video animation, to anything else helpful.

@moderators Can you help make this a wiki so this OP list can be added to by everyone?

I’ll go first:

  • @WhiteOutMashups: JS, general web / python design, written editing
  • @goindeep: content, writing, marketing, tech interpretation, general ideas man and hot sauce maker
  • @dimitar: basic graphic design (flyers), basic website building (wordpress), advanced VoIP(PBX) skills
  • @Nigel: general design / branding skills. General knowledge of SAFE Network capabilities. Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • @isntism: blenderhead / 3D artist.
  • @Future : beginner in website design (HTML and CSS, now learning JS),written editing. Passionate about marketing ideas, tech innovations and design. My main goal consists on discovering and trying to spread/share new tech in simple way so other people could join.
  • @dask python, scientific computing, systems models, machine learning, nlp. Technical/scientific writing
  • @jpl Market research, writing reports & brochures etc, marketing, media relations, testing. I’m not really a techie but I know my way around Linux and Windows and understand coding basics and am always happy to help developers test their code.
  • @draw Linux, C, Python(not a specialist)
  • @opacey London meetup host (can help find venues or provide a platform for demos and presentations). Also blockchain specialist, ex-derivatives trader and Excel VBA wizz.
  • @kellytk Technical product development and trends forecasting with particular interest in decentralized and privacy-respecting innovation in the domains of money (cryptocurrency) and communication. (Safe) I’m writing Rust daily to be ready to build first-class apps for Safe.

It would be great to find out who has some art / graphic design skills, as I recently saw a few people asking for help on things like that.

But all skills are welcome! Post above or below :slight_smile:


I would say I have some general design / branding knowledge. I’m by no means a professional and I don’t always have a ton of time but people can always feel free to reach out.


Very good idea Will! I added my core skills with which I can help someone :slight_smile:


Great thanks so much guys for your additions and listing yourselves for helping people out

Great stuff :slight_smile:


Always happy to help out as long as its on spare time.


I’m a currently a java developer (contractor) by trade, but have full stack (web) experience too.

My LinkedIn profile has more detail:


Don’t know if what i pointed out could be considered skills :joy: But want to give my contribution to SafeNetwork in any possible way though i’m not expert in coding or technical tech-topics. By the way this project is definitely making both my passion and skills about coding, design and tech growing in me


Great idea! Added my relevant bits.


Great idea. There are loads of us who want to help move this thing forward but very few of us are systems developers - or developers of any kind. There may not be enough of us to form centres of excellence, but having go-to people in a number of areas could be a big help. Of course, many of us are busy and shouldn’t feel under obligation to dedicate time and effort, but if we are able I’m sure most of us will.


Wow this blew up thanks everyone for help filling it in so far, keep it going!

Cool to see 3D animators on this list, maybe they can make some 3D MaidSafe / SAFE Net logo renders :scream:


While I spend most of my time producing my own ideas, I would be happy to help others advance theirs. I have strong technical and business skills and I work for BTC or MAID.


Blender 3D modeling / animation, amateur level