Lisk - JavaScript Dapp Sidechain Platform Cryptocurrency

Hey Guys

Came across Lisk which sounds similar to Maidsafe and Ethereum in some respects.

Uses IPFS (InterPlanetary File System)and its own cryptocurrency and side blockchain to run JavaScript Dapps. What’s your opinion of its functionality compared to Maidsafe in regards to JavaScript Dapps?

There’s a Lisk initial coin offering right now. Lisk is a fork of Crypti.

:ant: There are many aspects that come together in the SAFE network & Safecoin platform vision ;
be confident that we are readying our unique approach which will yield many unique advantages .

I would be careful and research more about lisk before going for it , crypti being re-wrapped & re-sold ,
shares are going to be diluted the more people bet on it to be the big thing ; my tip would be rather to
wait until the last days and then see if you still want to get in ; also look out for and ICO .

No anonymity from what I see

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I put a fraction of BTC in the Lisk crowdfunding.

Looks promising but I am just an hobby investor so don’t take my word for it, after participating in Etherium and SafeX crowdfunding, what can go wrong :slight_smile:

It took some hours before I got and confirmation of my transfer from their website, but now I have an lisk adress 12166417723400670626L

Would be great to have more activity in this thread, I value the expertise in this forum a lot!

Guys, hate break it to you but Liks is laughable amateurish.

Two guys ( A forum moderator and a webdesigner ) literately stole the opensource code for another failed project called crypsti or something which they were involved in.

They have zero skills, but are “willing to learn” according to themselves. U could literately take two random guys and they would arguably be more qualified to start a Ethereum/safenet competitor.

And they claim to have raised a ridiculous amount of coins, but they are unable to make this info public. So there is zero transparency. They claim to have raised about 800Btc in the first days, (no solid proof) but it’s VERY doubtful given the little activity seen in their official Bitcointalk thread as well. So EVERYONE who knows a thing or two about how these things work are pretty sure that they just paid themselves to make the project look more legit.

Then, there has been tons of advertisements and obvious shill accounts everywhere making posts that clearly are not made by any real persons. Posts like “Ethereum will have problems when Lisk goes live” and “Lisk is better than Ethereum”… and the list goes on. Kinda suspicious posts, which u never see within a legit IPO

Now, after what I can only assume, their PR train has arrived to the Maidsafe forum. Where they hope to lure even more not that informed crypto enthusiasts to give them some coins.

Please do ur research guys. And at the end of the day ask urself: “Why would these guys win” when there are genuin geniuses in this space like Vitalik and David :slight_smile:



They are not only willing to learn, but also eager to accept your payment for their tuition :wink:
What a joke…

I disagree with this. The allure of OSS is that anyone can steal it. Sometimes it backfires on “investors” and the openness worked well for these two jokers who “leveraged” the open source nature of the other project to start a new one. Oops, source code wants to be free!

You can’t argue that SAFE’s open source nature is an advantage and for Lisk it’s not. (And if Lisk were closed source, resident busybodies would attack it that it’s proprietary, like that did in the DaemonSaw topic).

Hehe, in the less likely case they didn’t make that up, one has to wonder what kind of ROI will be realized by this investment and based on what revenue. The investors’ best hope is that the Ponzi succeeds so that they can offload their stake onto newbies.

Lisk seems to be a rewrap of a failed cryptocoin project Crypti in a fresh attempt to re-sell , and - maybe - create something that is more than a sales pitch . We cannot know until it happens . I would wait before putting bucks on it until that point . It’s a risky gamble . E.g. looks more solid , on more than one end . I’d rather look into that ICO … .

That sort of thing can break a project’s prospects. I was looking at NXT but was turned off by the sus instamining that happened at the start, which they claim was an accident