Linux distro for development?

Dear @dirvine & Maidsafe team,

I’ve been distro hopping for far too long now, and can’t decide what I should use and support. I am almost tempted to switch back to using Windows (queue collective gasp!) In my case, too much choice seems to be a bad thing. So since I want to be a developer, I thought I should ask what other developers use!

What operating system do you use for development and why? Linux or Windows? What distro/version? What desktop environment?

Also what software do you use for development and why? Anyone from the community should feel free to comment as well. :smile:

It’s all very personal really. I use ubuntu (but seriously question it at times) and vim. For c++ I prefer clang libc++ and lldb for rust then it’s all just the rust tooling so much simpler (but I still prefer lldb over gdb but need to use lldb-3.4 for now).

We encourage as many OS’s editors and compilers as possible in dev that way we get any cross platform issues up front and that is a great thing. In c++ for instance I would run several versions of gcc and clang (at least three each) in release and debug modes and for clang also compiled with thread/memory/undefined behaviour & address sanitisers. So potentially up to 15 or so compilations at a time to confirm ll is well. We also have CI to run osx (clang) and Windows (msvc).

Lot of the guys use msvc on windows and qtcreator in linux with xcode in os/x (I still use vim/lldb in osx).

For window manager I use awesome

Oh gosh! I can see why:

In all seriousness though, is it actually useful when you get used to it?

Very much so, you need reach for a mouse no more, unless I am in a web browser I don’t (even then I have the vimium extension which is great unless you have more than 10 tabs open). I use ubuntu for ppa really, I scrub all the gnome/kde stuff.