Limited status in alpha network

This Alpha network is limited to users with Basic Trust Level status

Why is there a limit ?

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It’s actually very easy to reach the Basic level. Just spend some time in this forum in order to acquire some knowledge.
This will be very useful for you to both understand the SafeNetwork better and to use the Alpha version with more confidence

On the other hand I think the limit is required to protect the network from attacks. You can find the requirements here Basic User Requirements


thanks i only want to know weather there is a possibility in future to send receive emails like .com .net. etc on the save network ?

Sure, people will be able to communicate on the SafeNetwork like they’re currently doing on the Internet

one can communicate on the nxt platform or on almost any cryptocoin which is available but I want to know weather it is possible to send and receive emails.

There will be mail on the SAFE network. But there is no bridges from the SAFE network to the insecure current internet. To build bridges is to have the very real potential to bring the insecurities and data/identity leakage that plagues the current internet into the SAFE network. For instance an email bridge means that some entity (server/humans) will be able to match up your email address with your SAFE ID, and with all the tracking done because of your email address will migrate to tracking on the SAFE network where ever you use that ID.

So by not bridging then the anonymity features of the SAFE network will allow you to choose how your ID is viewed/used.