Lillium produces radical leap in affordable electric jet VTOL

Its not as Musk described a helicopter in helicopters clothing (clarify I think he would approve of this the unit he was referring to was a quadcopter)
183mph for 183 miles. Will reduce a $55 1/2 hr cab fee to a 5 min $6 flight.

It is rather a sleek affordable electric jet VTOL (safer looking that other things has shoot safety)
Seats 2 with luggage. Landing gear retracts.
Uses same batteries as Tesla.

While we’re at it Musk hinted at Tesla air plane. And said almost all supercharger stations will disconnect from grid and go full battery/solar. Also Tesla just passed BMW on market cap my guess will soon pass Toyota and VW. Its now #4 in the world.


I dont think people understand how radical this is. Its almost solid state and zero maintenance. Give it magnetic bearings- it doesnt even have brakes.

THIS IS TOTAL DISRUPTION if electric plus autonomous was squared, this is cubed. Imagine a personal transport syste 1000x more efficient safe and desireable in every way. You don’t even have to waste money on roads.

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