LIFE IS PEOPLE #74 Eijah founder of Demonsaw

@eijah is a programmer by day and a hacker by night - also a Senior Programmer at Rockstar Games and the founder of Demonsaw, a secure and anonymous information sharing platform. When he is not writing code for Grand Theft Auto V, he is writing code for demonsaw and for the future of privacy.

To say that this has been a crazy year for Eijah would be an understatement. This year has been insane. Because of the visibility that DefCon gave him last year, he has been able to build new relationships and meet some amazing people. Two months ago he formed an official partnership with John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Anti-Virus. For both John and Eijah, privacy is critically important. John will be by his side this year as we promote demonsaw as a secure and anonymous platform that gives power back to the individual.

Demonsaw is a new type of information-sharing application that’s secure, anonymous, free, and everywhere. It’s designed to protect our anonymity and hide what we’re sharing. demonsaw is wrapped in multiple layers of user-derived cryptographic algorithms based on a new and modern security model called Social Cryptography. It takes the best features from centralized applications, like Dropbox, and decentralized applications, like BitTorrent, and merges them into a new type of hybrid application. Share whatever you want, with whomever you want, without fear or consequence.

Using Demonsaw, anyone can communicate and share files securely, from anywhere in the world. Share and stream pictures and video with family, communicate securely behind enemy lines, or transfer State secrets to WikiLeaks. In the end, it’s all the same and it’s all secure. When I originally set out to launch demonsaw I gave the community the following promise: 100% free, no ads, no installs, no malware, no bundled software, no logging, no tracking, and no bullshit. Safeguarding our privacy and protecting our Right to Share are the primary goals of Demonsaw. This is the demonsaw Promise



I have said it before, but I love this guy. I really like all the open sourcing Demonsaw discussion I’m listening to right now. It really is a great sell point of the SAFE network and autonomously rewarded safe coin from their apps.

Holy crap! at 43 minutes this interview is blowing my mind. Strong work with questions @we_advance @optictopic on getting him to announce revolutionary features that demonsaw is going to have (In addition to what it already has)!

Heard first on n99 Life definitely is PEOPLE!


Interesting comment the guest had about how peer-to-peer is like the extreme form of decentralization. I have been thinking about how servers could perhaps be decentralized, so that they form an open source distributed storage and computing cloud. Demonsaw is perhaps similar to that but it seems like it divides the cloud into private silos. I wonder if Demonsaw could be used as a foundation for creating a massive open source public cloud.

The advantage compared to the SAFE network would be that apps would run on servers and not locally in the clients which potentially could be a security problem.

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John McAfee’s a co-founder? That certainly raises some eyebrows.


Great question by the host about if programming will become much simpler in the future. And Eijah gave a very interesting description about the enormous complexity of developing a big game today.

I think they were both correct. Yes, the code will become more and more complex, and yes it will become easy for humans to create programs without having to be a programmer. The process of producing the code will be enhanced by AI. So a little kid for example can draw a horse on a screen and the AI will be able to produce a very advanced 3D model of a horse which the kid will be able to modify with simple commands and then add other components like people, buildings, monsters and weapons and so on to produce a video game. With a few very high-level commands and gestures, the kid will produce millions of lines of code with the help of the AI.


This is a great interview. Very inspiring.

I missed the earlier post in August about Demonsaw. It’s a pretty neat piece of business. I got it running easily, and downloaded some odd bits. Definitely have more exploring to do.


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I was introduced Demonsaw today, it was a neat little piece of software and connected up a local network. very easy to install on ubuntu which was a good surprise. I can see though as world wide application you still need to use http nodes similar to bitcoin, I would like true peer to peer connections and able to share files directly with friends privately but saying this the router address files can not be seen public on the web which is a big improvement from software like bit-torrent.


Is there any technical documentation on Demonsaw? I’m really curious about how it works deep down, but can’t seem to find much more than general statements on what it supposedly provides. I don’t have time to watch a 2.5 hours long interview…


“Dreaming in code is a real phenomenon” @eijah

That’s not what I’m looking for, those are just how to’s concerning installation/configuration/usage. That doesn’t tell me why I should trust this software to provide me with security and privacy.

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Eijah explains that he is wanting to profit from his work by creating an enterprise version of Demonsaw. Once he has been funded on that level his intent is to make open-source most if not all of the code as well as pay for a third party audit of the code. I am very interested in following this progress, I am sure he will be joining us for another hangout soon. If you have questions you would like to ask he is very accessible and friendly.


The DefCon 22 talk is quite good. I’ve also gotten Demonsaw up an running on my Macbook and it’s pretty cool. Not hard to get functioning at an entry level, though I can see I’m going to have to wade thru to make it do more of what it’s capable of, though.

Did download some cool stuff that others had posted, though.

Haven’t figured how to make it work on my linux machine, though. Something about the process I don’t get.


start of mindmap @eijah
will post final version soon

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